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This is an interesting read on things. Following the link is a snippet:

From 'global warming' to global holocaust
Posted: March 13, 2009
1:00 am Eastern

As Barack Obama adopts the radical "global warming" agenda of Al Gore, it's time to consider where this extremist, anti-people, Luddite, Malthusian concept of apocalyptic, man-made climate change inevitably leads.

First, you must understand that no one – not even Al Gore – believes that the most restrictive voluntary or even coercive steps being discussed today will have the slightest impact on global temperatures.

Most don't believe it for the same reason I don't – they understand "global warming" is a scam designed to empower government, preferably at the global level.

But, even the true believers recognize man's production of carbon would have to be all but eliminated to make any impact on the environment.

That's a scary thought, isn't it?

So where does that kind of thinking lead?

Meet Paul Murtaugh and Michael Schlax of Oregon State University who teamed up on a report last year that should make every freedom-loving person cringe in horror.

Not only are we all responsible for our own carbon emissions while here on this earthly plane, Murtaugh and Schlax explain that "a person is responsible for the carbon emissions of his descendants, weighted by their relatedness to him." (emphasis added)

Here is what this would mean in cold hard statistical language: "Any country having net reproductive rate exceeding one daughter per woman … will have lineages with exponentially increasing person years, unless fertility decreases in the future."

The news is even worse for Americans, since our "carbon footprint" is so much larger than average. Figuring that each American child adds about 9,441 tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, the authors conclude "the potential savings from reduced reproduction are huge compared to the savings that can be achieved by changes in lifestyle."

Did you catch that?

That means if only we can stop people from having babies – especially Americans – we can lick this phantom, fraudulent, phony problem of global warming, once and for all.

How do we stop massive numbers of women from having babies?

Well, they've done it China – with a one-child policy that includes forced abortions and sterilizations.

And that notion is not unique in world history.

Here's what Ernst Lehmann, the leading biologist of the Nazi German regime, had to say: "Separating humanity from nature, from the whole of life, leads to humankind's own destruction. … Humankind alone is no longer the focus of thought, but rather life as a whole. … This striving toward connectedness with the totality of life, with nature itself … is the deepest meaning of National Socialist thought."

Does that sound familiar at all?

Couldn't those words have easily been uttered by Al Gore in a moment of lucidity?

I have no doubts that so-called "global warming" is simply a hoax designed to bring all humanity and all human activity under the control of global elitists – some form of supra-national government.

What better excuse will a world government have to regulate in the most personal decisions of life than a desire to "save the planet from catastrophe."

If the temperature rises, the controls will become more draconian. If the temperature falls, those in charge will pat themselves on the back and claim success – moving on to the next fake, phony, fraudulent crisis.

This is why it is so important for the global warming hucksters to shut off all debate. This is why it is so important that every schoolchild be indoctrinated into the global warming frenzy. This is why it is so important that all scientists who dissent be ostracized and deprived of research grants and government jobs.

This is how global warming inevitably leads to a global holocaust.
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