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I just read this thread, and I want to clear up a few things:

First of all, I enjoyed watching this election. I really did. Especially when I heard all those ayy-holes during the Republican primary talking about what I wanted. Me and Ms God (yes there IS one) got a lot of good laughs.

I really don't give a krap about how humans use their reproductive organs. If you take the time to look, you’ll notice that I put them right near the dumping area.

I also get bored when people keep using my name. God bless this, God bless that….etc. Don’t you think I have anything BETTER to do?

My biggest gripe is when some of you think you have some special knowledge of what I want. Sorry, but I didn’t give you any manuals… wrote those yourself. And you did a pretty lousy job…..all those strange rules…..gimme a break! What would be funny, if it wasn't so sad, is when you came up with “Thou Shalt Not Kill,” then ran around the world killing each other, many times using ME as an excuse!

If you really care about what I want, just look around you. The trees, the mountains, the oceans, the stars. Nice stuff, huh? Why do you guys run around peeing on my creation? (BTW… took a $***tload more than 7 days.) And I didn’t make YOU special…..that Darwin guy got it right.

You might wonder why I’m posting this on the Atheist Fools Board. Good question. Weird as it might sound, you guys seem to understand me better than the folks who spend their lives actually trying to understand me. Geeez (sorry….it’s just an expression)those folks paint me as an old white guy with long hair up in the sky.

Anyway, good work with re-electing Mr Obama and rejecting those crazy Senate candidates who think I want rapists to father children. And please tell the Republicans that if I didn’t like people of various complexions I would have made everybodythe same shade of white or whatever.

Most of all…..please stop effing with the planet. Unless you LIKE nasty weather.

Best regards,

P.S. I also couldn’t care less whether or not you believe in me. Why should I?
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