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Well, my brother's diabetes was getting worse and worse until he began low-carbing (I don't think he's low enough to be in ketosis every day, but definitely most of the time). His HbA1c, formerly as high as 11, is now 5.8 and he's almos enirely off insulin, after injecting for years.

Low carb isn't for everyone, but it seems to be good for most people. My brother is not only greatly improving his diabetes (lowering his average, fasting, and post-prandial blood glucose), but also lowering his blood pressure so much he's going off one of those meds as well, losing weight, and has more energy/generally feels healthier. His doctor, a geriatrics specialist with many diabetic patients, approves, as does his pharmacist, who has some sort of license in diabetic dietetics who follows a low-carb diet himself (and who's losing business with bro's decreasing dependence on drugs!).
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Those guys are smiling too much. I don't trust them!

Whose travel schedule and uneven eating habits the last week have not helped his glucose equilibrium...

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for diabetic Fools interested in the prevention and reversal of heart disease (the #1 killer of diabetics):

It's free. Sunday, August 6th @ 1:00pm PT, 4:00pm ET
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to those of us who flaked and missed yesterday's Webinar, watch the replay:

Watch and learn.
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