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There are times in the course of human history when change comes riding in like a herd of wild elephants and there is nothing that the so-called “powers that be” can do to stop it. I am talking about iTunes freeing us from the tyranny of crappy albums at criminal prices. I am talking about Netflix freeing us from the disgrace of late fees and a selection of Blockbuster in-store movies that is so weak it makes me long for the variety offered in a box of Goobers. These revolutionary changes have bettered all of our lives by radically changing two of the three most important M-words – music and movies. But what about the third and arguably most important, M-word in the entire English language? I’m talking of course about moolah! (Monkey business is two words.)


As I write this, nearly FIFTEEN THOUSAND Fools have all ready gathered to rate stocks here in CAPS. If you love moolah and the wondrous things that it can buy you – like giant televisions, a hairless back and my personal favorite, the obsequiousness of others, think about the momentousness of this for a second. The software not only tracks the stock picks of Wall Street analysts, and celebrity stock pickers like Jim Cramer, but real-life, everyday people from all over the globe and all walks of life. And when all of these people, whose age ranges and life experiences vary to limitless degrees, gather in one cyber town-square to share their knowledge, and debate ideas, the quality of information skyrockets. And better information leads to better stock picks which leads to, you guessed it – more moolah.


The excitement of this really can’t be overstated, though I’m trying my hardest. Consider this - half of the stocks that are listed on the NASDAQ have one analyst or none at all. Several of our Hidden Gems subscribers just fainted, as they know best that there’s gold in them thar hills! As I write this I see that CAPS has already put ratings on over 3,000 stocks and that number is only going to grow.


Here’s a great question. When is the last time you honestly dusted off your sense of optimism or scrubbed a hanky full of Mr. Clean on your sense of wonder? Don’t get me wrong, dearest Fools, I am no rose-colored glasses wearing monkey. And I know these are challenging times. But I believe that virtue and human goodness are not getting a fair shake in the worldwide media. Every time some idiot rises up and says something divisive and inflammatory or does something despicable, the media rambles and honks like deranged geese. But I say that for every hateful, unreasonable, fundamentalist moron, there are a thousand human beings who are inherently kind, reasonable, knowledgeable and just want to pursue their own happiness in peace.


So optimists, wonderers, and all those who dare to be hopeful and who believe in humanity truly being the best that it can be, I call out to you from my overturned virtual milk crate in this e-town square and shout – arise, and greet a better day! From this day forward, no longer shall individual investors be forced to sup solely on conflicted research reports, hyped press releases and conference calls so dishonest they make one long for early Pinnochio and so vapid they make one crave the intellectual rigor of Milli Vanilly. And no longer shall brilliant, astute, passionate, decent individual investors be forced to suffer in frustrated and hopeless silence when they see corporate incompetence and wrongdoing. From now on, a great and mighty digital bullhorn is yours to blow on like Louie Armstrong.


You have the floor. Blog away. Pitch away. And remember, if you say something cool, interesting, funny, educational, amusing or enriching, we're going to whip that spotlight onto you! This is my personal promise to you, my friends. Like a young Eddie Vedder sang so passionately in "Drop the Leash" off the cd VS. "I am right by your side!"


Each and every one of us knows at least some things that the vast majority don't know. Maybe you’re a wok chef, giant crane operator, professional wrestler, colonic irrigationist or like myself, an aspiring Chippendales dancer. But whatever you are, you have information that when added to the interactive community intelligence of CAPS, makes all of us smarter. Every stock is like a movie mystery that is perpetually unfolding. And CAPS is like a great big specially rigged movie theater that allows us to watch these stories unfold with thousands of interesting people. And we get to talk to each other during the movies and say things like, “Hey, the waiter has a plastic nostril” and “there was a chemical found only in prosthetic nose hair on the victim!” And when we correctly guess the endings of these stories, we grow richer.


Hucksters, be put on notice. We’re all watching now. And when we figure out that your widget doesn’t really turn gopher manure into clean, renewable energy we’re going to tell each other. Arrogant CEO, be warned. When we see your company buying you a solid gold toilet that compliments you every time you pop off it, we’re going to rally our proxy votes against your malfeasance. Take heart young entrepreneurial scientist who may genuinely have a new cure a disease, or way to feed starving people, ease global warming, replace oil, or provide virtually any product or service that will genuinely make the world a better place, the odds of you being found and properly funded are increasing.


All too often people think of the stock market as an abstraction. But it is not. The quality of lives that millions of people lead is greatly affected by what happens in the stock market. And the vast majority of Americans cannot afford to throw up our hands and ignore it, because for many of us just working hard won’t cut it. Our money must make money too. Otherwise, we may not get to retire, ever. And worse, we could become a burden to our own children. In a recent meeting with my financial planner, he informed me that I would need north of two million dollars in order to retire by age 65 and keep up the solidly middle class lifestyle that my wife and I live. Luckily he carries an industrial wet-vac so we could dry out our home after all my sobbing.


It is time to lace up your skates, snap on your chinstrap, (insert your own cheese bag metaphor here) and get in the game. An army of 15,000 strong (and growing) is mounted on a giant warhorse called CAPS and we’re leaning out an Incredible Hulk-like hand to clasp, so you can hop on and join this revolutionary moment in the history of individual investors. This revolution is real, and better yet, it is just getting started. Add your voice today. And if you already have, add another pitch and put some oomph into it. The battle's on.


Viva la Revolucion de CAPS!


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