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Sullivan: Look: you know how much I love the guy, and you know how much of a high information viewer I am, and I can see the logic of some of Obama's meandering, weak, professorial arguments. But this was a disaster for the president for the key people he needs to reach, and his effete, wonkish lectures may have jolted a lot of independents into giving Romney a second look.

Obama looked tired, even bored; he kept looking down; he had no crisp statements of passion or argument; he wasn't there..... it was the wrong strategy. At the wrong moment.

10.29 pm. How is Obama's closing statement so fu*cking sad, confused and lame? He choked. He lost. He may even have lost the election tonight.
from the blog:

"Obama is a confusing, meandering, stuttering mess."

"10.06 pm. I find myself bored silly by Obama. If I am bored silly by this wonkish lecture, and his refusal to rebut specific points, i.e. lies, Obama's in trouble."


Heh...I couldn't have said it better!
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I haven't watched the full debate yet...but I did see the beginning of it last night and noticed the O smirk and O was looking down as Romney talked, just in the few minutes I saw, I thought he was arrogant and aloof.

I saw a car yesterday with a Postal Workers for Obama sticker on it.

All those union workers who vote will vote for doubt about it.

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