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And thank you for your reply.

I do not deny the data. There are many problems, and there always will be. But, I point you to the historical charts of the Dow. Look at 1942.

"victory at Dunkirk" and not getting crushed in the Battle of Britian were the high points of the war for freedom. The Pacific fleet was on the floor of Pearl Harbor and Amercan soldiers were making the Bataan death march.

1942 was the last best chance to buy stocks in the 1929 bear market.

Yes we have problems, in fact the U.S. has a lot of problems, so many that I may live long enough to see it considered a second rate country.

Countries come and go, societies come and go. This is a good thing, the old gets torn down and the new gets built on top of it.

This often unpleasant. When Bridge City flooded during Ike, I had to take anti-depressants. One day I was at Wal-mart picking still more cleaning supplies and I saw a blood mobile. I asked the lady running the place if I could give blood while taking Prozac, she laughed and said "If that was the case we wouldn't be able to get blood anywhere in the county." It was that hard on people.

If you go back today, Bridge City is a renewed place for the most part, houses and businesses that should not have been built or had outlived their usefulness are gone, but what remains is renewed.

So, yes the dangers and problems are real, but I see them as storms of opportunity and winters of renewal.

Norman Vincent Peal said "If man can conceive it and believe it, he can achieve it." While most of his stuff might be considered fluff, the things I dreamed of and was laughed at for being a "dreamer" are considered common place now.

I had a Codoba that got 15 miles to the gallon when the speed limit was 55 miles per hour. I studied on engines and relalized that we need a way to vary the valve timing, the fuel loading and ignition timing based on any given atmosperic density and load demands.

We have that now, it is called a GDI engine. Gm puts one in its soccer mom car that produces about 1.5 horse power per cubic inch. My Cordoba produced 0.5 horsepower per cubic inch.

I dreamed of many other things, I am surrounded by them now as a ignore SIRI and type this out on the I-pad. There are young men dreaming dreams that would terrify me, to solve problems I don't know about. They have conceived it, if they believe it, they will achieve it.


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