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I feel that they are trying to push the price down in order to go long before launch. They are touting it as a depressed stock buy one day and then shorting it the next. This is a scam. If wish TMFJeff would come over and explain his logic.

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<lurk off>

I wouldn't call them hypocrites based solely on this...

These are two different investors with two completely different portfolios.

To each his/her own.

<lurk on>

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They are touting it as a depressed stock buy one day and then shorting it the next.

Good grief, did you even READ the article you posted a link to? *rolling eyes*

First, go to the beginning. You posted a link to an article that was "part 2" of a series. The "part 1" part is at This was back in July of last year.

There's a BIG difference between a "depressed" stock and a "low-priced" stock. If you read the article closely, you'll see it's touted as a "low-priced" stock, not a "depressed" stock. And as an investment, Rick makes it very clear it's a very RISKY stock.

Part two, the link you posted, was posted in October--three months later, when Rick goes to reflect on the stocks he "discovered". While in part 1, Rick had some faith that there MIGHT be value in the stock, by the time part 2 came around, serious issues with Sirius were made public. In part 2, he writes:

Sirius is also known as the Dog Star, so it's no surprise that this was the biggest dog in our summer list. While its satellite radio rival XM Satellite Radio (Nasdaq: XMSR) has launched according to plan, Sirius has not been as fortunate. Earlier this month the company announced that it would delay its service until next year and its CEO stepped down.

Despite significant deals in place, now that XM has beat it out in the space race to roll out subscription-based radio with nearly 100 crisp channels offering coast-to-coast coverage, this is hardly a welcome situation. Sirius may be the lowest priced of the lot here, but it has earned it.

I'm AMAZED you read into such a strongly negative statement that the Fool is "touting" it as a depressed stock. That wasn't my impression at all.

You might complain about why did Rick change his mind on the stock? From a "possible value play" to a "it's gotten what it's deserved"? Well, when the first article was written, the company hadn't announced a delay with its service nor had it's CEO stepped down. With this extra information he learned, he had a change of heart. The longer the delay, the more risky he felt the company was.

And FINALLY, I've said it once, and I've said it before, the Motley Fool is made up of a wide variety of people with different opinions, and there's no one right way to invest. Rick Aristotle Munarriz wrote these two articles while Jeff Fischer wrote the shorting Sirius article. Why should Jeff have to defend his view because he might have a different opinion than Rick? Which, if you actually READ the link you posted, the opinion didn't seem much different at all in the first place!

There's not a conspiracy theory here, people! Get over it! Not everyone is going to love your stock. Heck, there was a stock the Fool shorted last year that the UK Fools were LONG in! One person's garbage is another person's treasure. If it wasn't for people like Rick, Jeff, and me with our negative attitudes, you wouldn't be able to buy this stock at the "screaming bargin" you think it's trading at now, so what are you complaining for? If you really believe in this company, we're doing you a favor!

-- Ryan
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Others, including "Somewhere," answered your post adequately in my opinion, but I'm certainly happy to be here and share my points of view or answer questions to the degree that I can. (I, like all of us, don't have unlimited time.) :)

The article that ran last night is a very short piece compared to the long article in this month's Motley Fool Select on satellite radio. I'm sorry that we can't give away our research free of charge (if we could, I'm sure we would), but the point is that the column was an overview argument.

And it was my argument -- an argument that the other RB managers, David Gardner and Tom Jacobs, agreed with, so we acted on it. Beyond them, perhaps no other Fools agree with the short. I don't know. (We keep buys and sells undisclosed from all until announced.)

The Fool does have several writers, and each are allowed/encouraged to have their own favorite stocks. Years past, we would have one article praising Amazon one day, and another author slamming it the next. The Fool is about having your own opinion and making your own choices. (The best example of this, other than "Dueling Fools" articles, may be that the Rule Breaker shorted Affymetrix while the Rule Shaker Port at the Fool UK owned it.)

I didn't know or remember that Rick had run Sirius as a stock under $10. At $3 at the time, it was so far a good choice on his part to include it on the list. Had I known he had, it wouldn't have changed my opinion today, though.

Fool on,


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Thanks for your thoughts. My biggest concern was the message and direction that TMF as a *whole* was giving toward Sirius. It makes sense now that I see that those were two pieces of advice by two different Fools.

Let us know should you decide to go long.

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Hi radio fans,

As a follow-up on Jeff's column yesterday re satellite radio cos, came across this article in Canada's Globe & Mail (a national newspaper)which may be of interest. Hope the link works:

a rule breaker/maker Fool fan

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I believe that when the original reccommendation for SIRI came out as an "Under $10" stock, it was about $8.00/share. Then, there was a follow-up on those 10 when SIRI was around $3.50 (just before Margolese resigned). I could be wrong on this, but I have been following XMSR and SIRI for quite some time, and that is my recollection.

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I'm posting a week late, but as the Ten Under $10 writer in the July and October articles last week, I wanted to chime in here. Somewhere pretty much nailed what I would have tried to say in terms of how my own personal sentiment had soured as the risk levels had mounted.

And, as Jeff pointed out, I have never been part of the equity selection process for Rule Breaker. Personally, I wouldn't have shorted the company (though I have never been long the company, and don't see that being the case in the near-term). But that's what makes this such a special place -- that we can run a Dueling Fools segment where fellow Fool writers can oppose each other in public, and interact and learn from our Fool community.

I believe in satellite radio. It's why I wouldn't write off XM or Sirius (and I owned XM for awhile last year -- not anymore). XM has fared better than most would have expected in this soft economy and I think that will spell good subcription numbers from Sirius as well. To me, the question isn't a matter of whether or not the market will take to satellite radio, but, rather, who will have how much market share once each company has had a chance to educate the consumer.

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