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I've had a few days to process this MP news. I have no doubt a lot of thought was put into closing down IV and its sister newsletters in favor of Market Pass. And I respect that decision. I'm just lucky to have gotten to know TMF and be able to participate in the discussion when time allows. Yet, I cannot help but wonder if this decision will be akin to Netflix's Qwikster fiasco. I don't really see any excitement about MP from the non-TMF/non-CMF crowd. It's mostly just a lot of confusion, anger, surprise, feelings of betrayal, and overall a sense of unease and distaste. I have no idea if the goal here is to streamline the TMF biz or if there just aren't enough subs to support the services. Or did the transition/marketing team just outright fail and Fools aren't getting the full story? I wasn't there, I don't know. Maybe the mystery of it is part of the allure. Or, most likely, it's none of our business. I get closing failing newsletters/portfolio services. But ditching a success story like IV? I suppose it's not really been "ditched." In some ways, it's even worse. It's now like the dying cable services - you're forced to purchase everything through MP (HH, II, 'special reports') even though you may just want some solid IV type investment ideas. Ah well. It is what it is. I'll be at SN... unless that too will soon morph into a new beast?!

Still disappointed,
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Hi FJ,

I can certainly empathize with your perspective. Hindsight is frequently 20/20, and I’m sure there will be some post-transition discussions on what worked and what didn’t, to help the internal Fools learn to improve any future major service changes.

Like I tell my team at my day job, we can’t improve unless we know what’s broken. So I encourage you to connect with the member services team through the web form, phone number, and/or email address and let them know both your perspective and what you think a stronger plan would look like. From my perspective as an off-site contractor, I can only see a tiny fraction of what goes on ‘behind the scenes’, but I do know that the team is trying to do what’s right overall across all key stakeholders.

One thing I have learned in my time here is that only a small portion of members are active and vocal on the boards. What that tells me is that there are a lot of members whose needs are being met by other aspects of the services. From a ‘what benefits do members get from this change?’ perspective, my understanding is that May will be when the bulk of the new service kicks in, so it remains to be seen whether those aspects of the change will delight members.

Discovery/HR Home Fool
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I am in complete agreement about the botched transition. I’m grateful to Chuck for responding to my earlier post and clarifying the “consider selling” list in particular.

I’m disappointed that the two most “conservative “ services (II, IV) are both being discontinued in this transition, as I for one had deliberately chosen them for that relatively low risk style. Whatever the length of any transition offers (I still have not received any individualized information), this appears to result in a drastic rise in the subscription cost for the low risk services, which seems unfortunate.
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Latte, if you still have not received your individualized offer, please check your junk mail and if nothing is there, or even if there is, email [email protected] to get additional assistance. I would hate for you to miss out on an opportunity due to a miscommunication.

Who doesn't think that Market Pass will ignore the conservative styles of II and IV, but it's going to take time for Fools to get a better feel for just what Market Pass will bring to your investing worlds...

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I agree that the Market Pass transition is a lose-lose for IV subscribers. The cost is going up by 10x and if you are a value investor, you now have to wade through a bunch of picks that are not compatible.

I'm not upset though. The Fool is doing what it needs to do to thrive in this current market and I'm sure it knows it will lose customers like me during the transition. They have a new target customer and this one is willing to spend more money for a broader array of investing ideas.

I will miss the intelligent IV team and the culture it has instilled in the forums. I attribute all of my investing success to IV. It has been a fantastic ride.

I appreciate the final report and will be using this to cull my portfolio to the bare minimum of S&P index funds and BRK.

Thanks everyone and good luck with the rest of your investments!

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Hi Phil

The IV team will be part of MP. They will provide value picks once per month - similar to what they have done - which will be identified as value picks. In MP there will be at least 2 picks per week from SA, RP, small cap, income and value sources which implies 2 value picks per month - more if you consider income picks similar to value (there was a lot of overlap). There is already a value investing board in MP so we can continue the value culture. The price for MP seems to be $750, so only 3 to 4 X the IV price, which I agree is a big increase if they really don’t want the other services, but you don’t have to make that decision immediately. You can wait until the end of the 2 month MP trial - longer if you had 2 subscriptions - before deciding. If you’re still not happy then talk to customer service.

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Hi Phil

We will be sorry to see you go and appreciate that for you the extra cost of Market Pass isn’t something you are willing to pay.

I presume you’ve been offered Stock Advisor as a substitute. That may not be a bad substitute as the returns they get a very good and they have many of the same recs. Additionally the new Premium Commons discussion boards will merge all the newsletter boards including historical posts in chronological order.

So you would still be able to interact with us Value Guys and the Income Investor Guys through the boards.

Anyway I think the PC boards will be a tremendous asset going forward and worth the annual cost of SA on their own

Best Regards
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Hi Paul

As I understand it the Value team alone will be providing 2 recs per month which may be new recs or re-recs. Same for the other teams - at least small cap and dividend in Market Pass plus you get SA and RB

Best Regards
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Has MF even considered that IT'S members have in reality PAID for the existence II, IV, AND HG and as partial "owners" - kinda like a stock, we should have some input into what happens to the future of these guides.

Has ANYONE considered at least archiving these guides for a few years so that the members who paid for them can access them when/if they are making the decision to buy or sell. etc.

Even if you charged us an access fee $10/yr to these archives? MORE $$$$$$$$$ for MF !!!!

OR has MF considered that since the ended PAPER COPIES 1 - 2 years ago, that the MEMBERS/SUBSCRIBERS/OWNERS now will have NO record of these recent buy recommendations as WELL ??

Just my $0.02, that I'm unwilling to spend on MP.
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