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To build on what Sandy Lee Lee said in the last post, we must keep in mind that black officers inside the Capitol have been fighting systemic racism for years.

There are numerous photos and videos that show Insurrectionists who wore white supremacist clothing, sported white supremacist tattoos, carried Confederate and white supremacist flags, and who used the "N" word against black officers. The good officers who defended the Capitol, both black and white, also saw fellow officers take selfies with the crowd, pose wearing a MAGA cap, and offering little or no resistance to the thugs.

When you don't know if the men behind you really have your back, you follow their lead if you are outnumbered racially - especially if you are one who was demoted or harrassed over the years for reporting said racism in your own ranks.

(bullet point subheadlines of what you will read in the above link)

* Two Black officers with the US Capitol Police told BuzzFeed News that they were repeatedly called the N-word by Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol on Wednesday.

* One pointed to a "big difference" in how his colleagues dealt with the rioters, compared with last summer's Black Lives Matter protesters.

* "Some of the officers were catering to the rioters," the officer said.

* The Capitol Police has come under fire for its handling of Wednesday's attack. Some officers were seen allowing the mob to advance on the building and posing for selfies.

One of the black officers said this to a reporter:

"I sat down with one of my buddies, another Black guy, and tears just started streaming down my face," he said. "I said, 'What the ----, man? Is this America? What the ---- just happened? I'm so sick and tired of this ----.'"

He said he broke down in the rotunda on Wednesday night, after the building had been cleared, and yelled out: "These are racist-*** terrorists."

One must remember how many people in the throngs wore backpacks. With no metal detectors present anywhere, who is to say what these knapsacks hid? Keep in mind, pipe bombs were reportedly found outside or near the RNC and DNC headquarters, and it's now suggested those were diversionary tactics to pull more police away from protecting the Capitol. If a terrorist can carry a long piece of a pipe bomb in a knapsack, how easy would it be to carry guns and knives?

Next time you look at photos of the Insurrectionists notice how many were carrying flags with poles made from heavier steel pipe, or the poles were out in the open cricket bats, baseball bats, etc., all used as tools to break windows or smash officer who actually put up a fight without any gunfire.

Imagine being that lone black officer who distracted rioters from taking a right down a hallway where Mike Pence had just been spirited out of chambers to another room. Imagine had that lone officer shot someone and no one came to his defense after he made a call for reinforcements as he ran upstairs to the second floor. That mob would have ripped him to pieces.

Instead, that lone officer held off a crowd with a steel telescoping baton. He never used it. He threatened to use it as more and more rioters followed him like dogs chasing a fox. When reinforcements finally located him on the second floor, only then did the dogs stop their mad dash.

It was a video clip that captured not only the terror of the day, but the values at stake: a lone Black police officer in the marble halls of the U.S. Capitol building, facing down a mob of mostly White rioters who had stormed in bearing Confederate flags, weapons and vows to reclaim a lost election.

The footage captured by HuffPost political reporter Igor Bobic has gone viral in the past week, spurring people across the world to hail the officer as a hero. The U.S. Capitol Police have not publicly identified him, but three of his friends told The Washington Post that the officer is Eugene Goodman of Maryland, confirming what journalists at CNN and elsewhere have reported.

On Thursday, a bipartisan group of lawmakers said they would introduce a bill to award Goodman the Congressional Gold Medal, one of the highest awards a civilian can receive in the United States.

Now if you read the article, you will realize our National hero, Officer Goodman, is a very humble man. He is averse to all this attention for one main reason: he's afraid returning white supremacists will have it in for him if there is a next time.

And it's not only Goodman who is hesitant about all this attention foisted him. Here is how one of his friends identifies himself and why:

A close friend of Goodman’s, who asked to be identified by his first name, Terry, out of fear of being targeted by far-right extremists, said the officer has a reputation for being a calm leader during emergencies.

Goodman can be seen on video asking for backup on the 2nd floor where he had lured a rabid pack of rioters. Outnumbered, baton in hand, Goodman had to wonder if anyone had his back?

From pro publica, we have this headline:

“No One Took Us Seriously”: Black Cops Warned About Racist Capitol Police Officers for Years

When Kim Dine took over as the new chief of the U.S. Capitol Police in 2012, he knew he had a serious problem.

Since 2001, hundreds of Black officers had sued the department for racial discrimination. They alleged that white officers called Black colleagues slurs like the N-word and that one officer found a hangman’s noose on his locker. White officers were called “huk lovers” or “FOGs” — short for “friends of gangsters” — if they were friendly with their Black colleagues. Black officers faced “unprovoked traffic stops” from fellow Capitol Police officers. One Black officer claimed he heard a colleague say, “Obama monkey, go back to Africa.”

Can you imagine being a person of color, a Veteran of the US Armed forces, and you have to work inside a place where it's like the antebellum South where racists instituted Jim Crow, forced segretation, and lynchings took place in the 20th Century until the Civil Rights movement heroically came along and put America's racist present on display?

Before I end this post, I want to link to 3 other heroic cops, all white, two men, one woman, who rushed into the maelstrom of the "Hallway of Hell" were on of of them got crushed between doors while rioters pulled off his mask, sprayed him in the face with bear mace, stole his baton, and beat him while he was defenseless .

Hodges eventually made it to the entrance he was charged with protecting, a doorway located halfway down a narrow hallway heading into the Capitol. It was packed with rioters and filled with tear gas; police officials have taken to calling it the “hallway of hell.” It was there that Hodges was pinned between the mob and the door.

“I had my arms pinned at that point, I wasn’t able to defend myself. You see someone in the video who rips my gas mask off, he’s also able to rip away my baton and beat me with it,” he says. “At that point I was sucking in [tear] gas, so I was pretty disabled.”

If you read the article, you'll hear from Hodges what it was like pushing through the crowd, 30 cops vs 15,000 people. It's harrowing. Somebody tried to gouge out his eye, somebody through something from a terrace above which hit his helmeted head, people screaming the cops were traitors and more.

The female officer said this:

“They had bear mace, which is literally used for bears. They’re spraying it on us human beings,” she says. “I got hit with it plenty of times that day and it just seals your eyes shut. You just would see officers going down trying to douse themselves with water, trying to open their eyes up so they can see again.”

And this from the third officer just shows you the dangerous moment where he decided using his gun to save himself would end with him a dead man. This hurts to read how he begged for his life:

. . . But once Fanone emerged out of the hallway, he found himself alone in a sea of angry Trump supporters. He was knocked to the ground.

“I remember thinking about the movie Black Hawk Down when the pilot gets stripped from the cockpit because guys were grabbing gear off my vest, they ripped my badge off of me, and people were trying to get my gun, and they grabbed my ammunition magazines,” he says. “I remember trying to retain my gun, I remember guys chanting, ‘Kill him with his own gun.'”

Fanone was tased at least a half-dozen times. He says he considered using his gun to defend himself, but knew rioters would likely turn the gun on him. So he pleaded for his life.

We have gone through two bloody wars to fight racists and white supremacists, and both times, the forces of good defeated the forces of evil.
It took 100 years after the Civil War to bring about changes in the Deep South where we finally desegregated water fountains, lunch counters, schools, and government. And yet, here we are in 2021 and traitors carried the flag of the Confederacy into our nation's Capitol.

75 years after World War II and traitors carried white supremacist flags into our Capitol. They wore clothing that supported the extermination of Jewish people in the 20th Century. Many of them had tattoos showing allegiance to rightwing hate groups.

Seeing this makes me burn white hot with anger. But what upsets me more than these open racists, is the silence of friends on my side and the side of Officer Goodman and the 3 good white cops named above who dare not speak out against friends, neighbors and family who push their racist and treasonous rhetoric. We cannot defeat these evil forces by remaining silent any longer. You have to speak out and embarrass the quislings and traitors. We have to to show a united front of righteous anger from a majority of us.

We have to voice we are against the Donald Trumps, the Franklin Grahams, the Mr. Pillow guys, the Peter Navarros, etc. And we don't let up. You let the brave people such as Officer Goodman and the other heroic officers know, "The majority of America has got your back."

Bob Marley sang, "We gotta chase those crazy bumpheads right out of this town."

Yes we do.

Trump and his lackeys and the spineless Republicans who have never spoken out against his madness, we vote them out. Get active people. Call your local chapter of the NACCP or the Democratic Party. And find others of like mind. Unite. Don't let this be the end of our Democracy. Let's show the world we've still got the right stuff. Don't be afraid. You are not alone.
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