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... I'm curious what the rest of you are doing to (1) follow the old GG rec's beside infrequent posting on the old boards and (2) to find new global investments. Have you kept all/some/few of the old rec's? How do you monitor their viability? Have you found other services that make global rec's?

Since GG closed its doors, there's very little information coming from the Fool. Further, the Orange Portfolio is a sometimes on/sometimes off facility, so you can't really build a global portfolio based on their buys. Further, they don't maintain any continuing advice relative to their businesses, finances, etc. The information from such sources, as Seeking Alpha are not dependable.

Just curious...

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Hi Bill,

I sold a majority of my GG positions, as I didn't think I could capably track much more than a handful of companies. Here are the ones I still hold:

BLX (I don't feel I need to follow it that closely),
SCPZF (their website is good, and I subscribe to their email alerts),
POT (mostly sit and forget, though I keep an eye on the dynamics of the fertilizer markets, as I like the long-term global demand prospects for fertilizer),
YONG and CGA (review their earnings reports and the boards here),
ARCO (review their earnings reports),
PDS (don't follow that closely--when the market finally turns for North American drillers, I will probably sell),
UL (I don't think I need to follow that closely as long as they maintain a leading position for consumer staples in many emerging markets), and
PCLN (follow via another Fool service).

Beyond the MF boards, I also subscribe to email alerts from Seeking Alpha for these holdings. Seeking Alpha may be uneven in the quality of its material (as are the articles posted at, though I find enough good analysis to make it worth following.

I also added to my positions in SQM (Chilean producer of lithium, iodine, fertilizer compounds, etc.) and Canadian National Railway (CNI), which are recommendations of another Fool Service. I recently opened a position in Baidu, as well, as I think it's now cheap (I believe it is a Rule Breaker pick, though I don't subscribe to that service). I have added the AFK ETF as well, though I am not thrilled with its composition.

Many of the big US-based multinationals are now truly global in their markets (getting a majority of their revenue and growth from outside the US), so you can get a fair amount of international exposure that way, as well; and I think you can often make bigger bets on those blue chips (albeit with fewer multi-baggers). Finally, I am invested in the Fool's Epic Voyage fund, and I follow Bill's and Tim's commentary there (available on the website). They hold many former GG picks in their portfolio.

And I can follow a few of them via Morningstar and Valueline, which I can access via local library. Of the two, I prefer Valueline. That's about as well as I have been able to manage.

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I don't actively follow most of my investments as I'm not adding money to them actively. I do, however, follow actively what different companies are doing while trying to find great companies trading at a good value point.

Some companies I follow actively. These are mainly turnaround/special situation companies (eg. Nokia), companies facing some difficulties (read: chinese small-cap) or otherwise very interesting companies to follow (Berkshire Hathaway, Tesla Motors, Netflix).

I like to keep myself updated on companies form time to time. Quarterly results presentations and annual reports are a good information source for that. I also like Fool forums, including this GG Forum.

Ps. I think Tesla and Netflix are very good 'global' stocks. Both have a lot of markets to expand to.
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I still own a few GG stocks. Some of them I can follow with a different motley fool membership. ARCO, BLX and COSWF are the exceptions. Mostly, I just try to do my own DD on those three, but I'm not an expert at that.

I was very disappointed with the Global Gains newsletter when it was discontinued. Motley Fool often praises Warren Buffet and his investing style. I think one of the most important keys to Warren Buffet's success is simply duration. The Global Gains newsletter did not exist long enough to be successful. I would never had prescribed to it, if I knew how short lived it was going to be.
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Since so many of you "have shown me yours, I should show you mine." I've held on to many, probably more than I should. It's not because I can follow all of them (I can't); its just because I'm a "buy and hold" type of investor. Some of these have continued to do well (ADDYY, BAM, BIP, BLX, FRCOY - in spades! - PVD, some have attractive dividends (COSWF, GSK, ITRN, SCPZF, TEVA) some for hopefully their potential (ARCO, VET), and some because... well I've lost so much it doesn't make much difference to sell (CGA, YONG). Overlying all of this is a desire to stay invested abroad (the reason I got into GG in the first place) and because I haven't found any other service to replace GG. I suppose that last comment should be the impetus to sell them off and put money into investments that I know and am more comfortable.


Many thanks to those who responded. BTW, if you see a certain stock that you think I should dump immediately, please let me know.

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I subscribed to GG for a couple years, before it ended, and then kind of lost track of following the GG recs I invested in, and just recently found these boards.

CHL: smallish position, okay dividend, waffling on selling.

TTM: so far okay return, but position too small to follow. Holding but planning to sell.

MELI: holding, possibly adding to my position. (this is also a rec of another MF service).

KPELY: pleasantly surprised at the returns (including divs). I'm holding.

NVO: bought this based on my own research, not as a GG rec. It's a small position, has done well so far, and is on my maybe-sell list.

PDS: wishfully hoping that the price will increase so I can sell at less of a loss.

YONG: it'll go when it goes (at a loss).
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I wasn't going to chime in, but after reading all these, and thinking about it, I realized I'm really still in more GG recs than I thought. Some I was in prior to them rec'ing it, though...

I'm still holding:
BLX - still use these boards, and earnings reports
BIP - follow on other MF services and earnigns reports
CGA - just have fingers crossed/wrote it off
YONG - follow here, hoping it again trades someday...
GRMN - Long held, follow with earnings
KPELY - long held, use their website, quarterly/annual reports. I love this one. Great businesses and like the management

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Oh, I forgot to ask something, too...

From their trip to Australia, they wrote about a few companies. One, I believe, has been bought out, but I can't remember the name. Well I bought into PrimeAG - PMLIF, but now can't find any info on it to follow it.

Anyone else into that small agriculture company or know how to get info on it?

Their website is all I have, and it ain't much...

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