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I did nothing today and my cash position increased.***

As to the earnings for the day (at a glance and without any deep diving or listening to calls yet)...

SNOW appeared to knock it right out of the park. If valuation be damned, this is the stock for you (the reader of this poor post).

ESTC laid an egg and even with it's extremely low valuation, will likely be slaughtered and dead money for some time.

NCNO results were...meh...not worth the time it takes to type about.

CRWD results were pretty much in line with what I expected and I don't know how to feel about that currently.

That's it folks. That's my recap for now.


***On a percentage basis***
That's progress, right???
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Ugh. Another December day to file under "infamy". I'm something like 15% below ATH and back to August levels. My cash just around 11%, which sucks. I added to CRWD before earnings because ZS's results were good so I figured CRWD might shake the competition concerns.

I guess digital revolution and data have been cancelled.

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my large cash pile grew slightly in % of port too, but not that bad.

I kind of hope for many more days of pain, tbh.
That would be a much nicer entry point for 2022 gains.

Granted it is easier for me to say it with 75%+ cash.
But a win-win if GLBE goes down to the 50s or even 40s, as I feel comfortable enough buying back in and (hopefully) riding it back up a 3rd time.

But stocks like DDOG are still more than double off their May lows. All DDOG did was go back to end of Oct levels right now. Big whoop. Same with NET or CRWD.
Is ROKU worth $30b? Have we gotten so desensitized to what $1b actually is? We hand out $9b mkt caps to small potatoes companies like AMPL for 45m rev and 72% growth. Meanwhile, ESTC has a cloud component growing 84% y/y at a now-$280m runrate. But we say "Elastic bad". Maybe they are, or maybe it is an MDB/Atlas story.

I do wonder if the titans are next to fall. $3T mkt cap for a phone maker.
I wonder if the titans and growth stocks will all go down in tandem.
I wonder if the action will be choppy and stocks won't be tightly correlated and finally we can be stock-pickers again vs back-patting dart-throwers.

But I am just a monkey throwing rocks at the moon...what do I know?

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busy today.

put in a bunch of lowball offers on GLBE, ESTC, UPST, DOCN, and SE.
If any hit, it would have been a bad day, but hopefully good entry points.

This is like watching the famous Denny Green game against the Bears. You can literally "feel" the momentum change.

So I don't trust the Up morning starts the past few days, and already we see Nasdaq go back to red and stocks headed lower. No idea if a bloodbath or the day ends up huge of course.

Interesting times. Feels like May 2021, Fall 2019, or Dec 2018. Not quite March 2020 bc that was just shocking. We are all numb to covid/global crises now.

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Well, DOCU puked up its YTD gorging and the rest of the "anything work from home" stocks joined in with sympathetic projectile vomiting. The digital stench emanating from my computer screen is testing my own gastrointestinal stability. I did buy some UPST afterhours and I'm in the green on that but I'm not sure it will last much longer. DW was holding a medium position in DOCU so I hope she doesn't ask "How are we doing, Babe?" How does "Not too bad..." sound? She is down 19% from her ATH. Can we just call this a correction now and get back to "up and to the right"?

Yep, UPST turned red.

I'm now up 8% for the year.

Well, I was happy a year ago so 8% happier now, right?

Pause here as I try to sell a second batch of laddered treasuries. Get a little more cash.

Selling bonds is really clunky. I've done it only a couple of times. Have to request a bid.

Equity fever may have broken. UPST green again. 11% cash. :( Well, at least my RMD is less now.

G'night all

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