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Overall I feel Virginia has been one of the better managed states in America. There's been a centrist approach combined with some good governors. I include in that praise DEMOCRATS like Mark Warner and Tim Kaine...both men I've met multiple times and even got to know Kaine somewhat.

Now there's two lower-caliber candidates.

1)Terry MacAuliffe.

A rude, crude, combative fellow. The guy who turned $100k into $8 million via Global Crossing, after which the company lopped off 10k workers and went bankrupt.

2.Ken Cucinelli.

Ok, the Righty in me likes this guy but I think there's too much Social Conservatism for a state that is clearly purple. If he wins, I hope he is a pragmatist the way Governor McD has shown to me.

Speaking of McD, stupid scandals. I don't expect ANY of these guys to be honest....but really, free food for your daughter's wedding? Is that really worth soiling an otherwise impressive governorship?

Here's hoping that TerryMAC or Kenny boy turn out to be better than I think they will be.

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hope springs eternal ... once in a while you get someone who is not half bad.

every 50 years or so we get someone great.

anyway, if McAuliffe gets in I'm hoping the whole 'Clinton third way' thing that McAuliffe was part of rubbed off on him. I'm not holding my breathe, but sometimes the worst people surprise you for the better.

Look at Nixon .... a real stinker in the 50's but as President he did manage to get us out of Vietnam, opened up our relations with China, had a workable relationship with the Soviets, started the EPA .... and when he was a younger politician he made guys like McAuliffe seem like angels.

I don't know too much about Cucineli ....
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A pleasant surprise seeing you Sir.


He is a Righty. He is a Social Righty, no other way to slice it. HOWEVER.... there was a fellow on death row...and as you know, death row in Virginia is a rather serious thing like in Texas. Anyway, the prisooner who happened to be black..... DNA evidence showed the man might be innocent. It was Cucinelli who led the effort to investigate in a timely way and then free the guy.

My point? I'm *HOPING* That Cucinelli spouts the gay and abortion stuff as a tool to get the vote out, and that there's some hope of pragmatism. McDonnell had potential to be Taliban but turned out to be a fine Purple governor so maybe Ken C could too.

3rd way? I hope you're right. America needs the Clinton-Al From=DLC way of thinking really, really bad.

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No. of Recommendations: 0 say nothing of the current gov with his free wedding, Rolex watch and bag job wife.
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Idiot he is.

Ran a brilliant campaign.

And I felt (as do some Dems) that he was an effective governor.

Tons of potential, politically.

And he p*sses it away over a watch, and pilfering food? Pilfering Food? Food? His daughter's wedding catering too? It's laughable and pitiful.

Did you see MacCauliffe and Cucinelli not jumping on McD for the gifts? One wonders what "gifts" and other skeletons those 2 guys have. Ken C was a secure politician in VA so I gotta believe he dipped his pen into company ink quite a bit. Terry Mac, well, he's from a rather corrupt machine and gosh knows what's beneath the surface.

I miss Governor Mark Warner.

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