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Brightscope uses a variety of criteria to rate plans, but gives the most weight to a large employer match and low fees, expenses and costs.

The investment industry is very critical of Brightscope for the focus on low costs.

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A point of coincidental interest regarding BrightScope...

One of its co-founders and former board member, Matt Hutcheson, was just found guilty of 17 counts of securities wire fraud involving retirement plans. Note: this is purely coincidental and I don't believe has anything to do with BrightScope and its current leadership.

As a personal note, I knew and coopted several research projects with Matt when he was here in Portland. I always knew the guy to be straight-up and committed to getting to the right answer, and seemed to relish in 'sticking it' to deceptive middlemen. I also know him, as an actuary, to be a bright most actuaries are.

Reminds me of that line Noah Cross (John Huston) says in 'Chinatown'...

..."most people never have to face the fact that at the right time and the right place, they're capable of ANYTHING."....

scary stuff.

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