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Hello Eric,

This is my first post :)

I want to ask you about TQNT. Their earning miss and the subsequent guidance seems to be worrisome. With 0.16 for the next quarter, they will have a more than 10 fwd PE. I bought TQNT over CRUS because of a misplaced information that it has 9% insider holding. I continue to hold because after due diligence it seems like a very good investment.

Looking at the company with such a good balance sheet, no debt and rising sales makes me want to buy some more at these levels.

What is your opinion ? I do not see you buying anymore even after a near 40% drop in your holding.

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Hey ip,

I was afraid their guidance was a bit too aggressive in light of recent slowdowns in areas they'd targeted (work with Nokia, letting the Samsung work leave, iPhone delay - with a possible loss of some components in the next iPhone), so I've been holding off any action on the stock until that had passed.

Now that they've warned and it looks like the worst is past, I'll take a look at the stock again after some iPhone 5 teardowns. I've kind of moved past TQNT as a pure iPhone play, so losing some content in the iPhone isn't a deal breaker for me. However, I would like to see what their involvement is since they've warned of an order slowdown from Apple.

Also, congrats on the first post! Things look rough for TQNT right now, but remember we're in this for the long-term. The next few quarters might be rough, but I still think the RF story should be pretty good over the next few years.

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