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are stuck in no-man's land.

The bears looking for a little bounce to sell and the bulls looking for reason to jam it.

The tell is the bonds.

They are being bought. The smart money, longer term money, needs out of equities and they have some decent prices in relation to the lows but those can go away in a day.
Capital preservation is going to be the rule for the next months if a war breaks out. The threat of attacks in europe and the US are too great to risk a 9-11 colapse.

Buy the bonds, hedge the currency risk and look to buy what is left of stocks somepoint in the future.

Note, mutual funds are not smart money.

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>>mutual funds are not smart money<<


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I don't know if a H&S is in place but I do have a feeling that we have one more rise below previous high in us before Dec.

Hi Grinch, its a pleasure to see good posting from you!

Run free Grinch run free.

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my next victim is.........

Drum roll


and no I didnt steal it from you guys
I swear.....threw it around last night
on mish board- I'm short high $1.28

It looks "ok", probably rather slow

with my HDI, AZO & HLYW all covered
I kinda seeindicators of a possible
5-7 point roll over, I kinda want to
kick back a few days and nothave to
watch every tick....

sooo-we'll see
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