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What follows is a complete bastardization of The Kingston Trio's
The Merry Minuet:

The whole world is festering with unhappy souls
The French hate the Germans
The Germans hate the Poles

Italians hate the Yugoslavs
South Africans hate the Dutch
And the Markets don't like ESTC very much

Sold ESTC - Outside of any other consideration the market simply does not like ESTC. This is a proven fact. Could turn around at any moment but then again maybe not - this is conjecture. Sometimes you're hot - and sometimes you're not - this is also fact. The issue for ESTC seems to revolve around what they do exactly and what the TAM of what they do could be worth - which is more conjecture.

Added to CRWD - Exhibiting the 'Wounded Duck' syndrome due to what is supposed to be pressure from Lock-Up expiration. Guess so - but the numbers at the bottom line are superb - even if duck season might be open. This is the new darling in the security area and should do well after all the dumping is done - when that abates who knows?

Happy Holidays
All the Best,
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Hi Champ! So after freaking out about selling 41% of mongo, I watched it drop the next day and sold actually sold another 25% of the remaining lol! The stick is now about 1.5% below my sales mark. The impetus was the CRWD VS. MONGO debates on Saul's. Short story is CRWD hot n heavy now. Be very careful it could burn out in as little as a year. So a short term likely holding. While Mongo has years if steady growth ahead. Decades per Steppenwolf. I also then added to my CRWD and made it a full time starter. I am at about 15% cash now and was 0 before.
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Blue Collar
It’s a very confusing game to play these names and switch in and out of them. It’s a roll the dice to me.
Steppenwolfs post was the most useful to me as it reminded me that my biggest life changing moves have been to buy and hold AMZN, AAPL, NFLX and time some extent FB, which I still hold as core positions. The first three especially have changed my life. Why I’m able to jump on a plane and hang out on a beach in Kauai when I feel like it.

So for me anyway I try to find companies that I can see holding for a very long time. The two cloud names that fit that for me are AYX and TTD. Those are now core positions for me. The others I own are all very small positions, ESTC, CRWD, MDB, OKTA a little bigger through performance. I almost bought DDOG this morning as my limit order of 33 almost hit and I’m kind of glad it didn’t. Why?

Well I’m still reminded of my concern earlier this year when Wall Street greed saw the opportunity to take advantage of a very hot sector and forced fed the public markets over priced IPOs. That to me was a warning sign of a top, and IMO I was exactly right. I was told not to post it on Sauls board as it wasn’t relevant to their needs, but hey I certainly thought it was worth discussion.

I also still think it’s crazy as in “insane in the membrain” to hold just a handful of cloud stocks as a total portfolio. Yes if it hits you will be extremely happy, but putting all your money on red on a craps table could do the same thing. The one lesson I’ve learned over and over in life is that it’s not that easy, building wealth is a slow process that takes patience, and when a glaring warning sign appears like it did when these IPOs were flooding the market, listen to it. Don’t come up with justifications and new ways to analyze(justify) your position. Better to be flexible and honest.

I’ve been balancing my portfolio with a few ETFs. Two seek value, one larger cap and the other small cap, the other seeks tech momentum. All have been doing well and helping my overall portfolio stay balanced and afloat during this cloud tech sell off.

This is what I’m comfortable with. I’d rather have less major highs, would rather go up slower and steady at this point in my life because the other side of going straight up isn’t fun to live through.

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Cash seems to be a good thing just now.

The fog of density in my brain is slowing fading to just a fine mist in that the yo-yo, back and forth, up and down pronouncements by all these people on the Fool - while certainly well intentioned and in good faith as well as sprinkled with some knowledgeable expertise - should not be the definitive fulcrum that moves the portfolio. Take all with some modicum of scrutiny and rely on your own due diligence and research as the final arbiter of what you might or might not need to do.

What we really need today is for BCT and Austin to re-declare the bottom so the markets will behave properly.

As for MDB - I have not wavered a bit on where I feel its trajectory may take it. Trim - Add as I might, it is still there and not clinging to the edge of the port by only a finger or so. When all the folks on the Fool were proclaiming its ascendance to the pinnacles of the NoSQL mountain tops I believed and after my own - admittedly shallow and woeful - research agreed that MDB has "Itness".

Now that everyone wants to jump ship based on what they see as the declining quality of their quarterly reports it begs the question as to was there a there there in the first place. Because if there is, and was, a there there to begin with - and the ultimate destination was multitudes of massive migration to NoSQL then - what has actually changed?

I believe the Wolf is right here -but he was judged wrong on another shooting star company not to awfully long ago (Haven't we all been at that exact point before - which is right along the lines of Those-without-investing-errors-please-raise-your-lying-hands.) which just boils down to me that you listen to everyone but in the end make your own decisions realizing that scared investors make very fickle foundations - or something like that.

Happy Holidays
All the Best,
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TMB, Appreciate reading your posts on the boards here at TMF. Have also been looking at ETF's myself for some time to even out the ups and downs. Find it difficult to buy them with the market at these levels but doing some shopping for when the time seems right. Would you mind briefly sharing what you have seen out there that seems investable so to speak?
If you think too OT for board hit email reply?
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