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I would like to dump my existing cell and upgrade. The features these units advertise sound great. I am not tied to contract so can go anywhere, any advise on these handhelds or service plans? Also with the phone/data plan would I be able to get internet access for my laptop so I could drop my AOL account? Thanks
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A Treo is a Palmpilot at heart. If you like the PalmOS, then you should definitely go with a Treo. It's excellent at address book, datebook, to do list, and has tens of thousands of third party applications. Mobile web is good, mobile email is decent.

A Sidekick is a two-way pager at heart. They've added on a lot to the software in order to compete with Palm -- it has all the standard features now -- but I don't know as much about it. If email on the go is your thing, go with the Sidekick.

The data plans are usually limited in the amount of data transfer that's included. You might end up spending more on data overages than you do on your AOL account! Yes, there is usually a way to hook up your phone to your laptop (sometimes requiring purchase of an additional cable or hardware).
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