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I've long felt this was the best opportunity. The right of way is already there, no international borders to deal with (if you don't count Quebec) and the customer, the seller and TRP have much to gain. The Nat gas "Mainline" is currently underused due to an influx of closer US source Nat gas in Eastern Canada.

This is not the end as even if this Mainline conversion and Keystone are built we would need another 3 or four of similar capacity (850K barrels per day) to match expected increase in production over the next 7-8 years.

Note: Nat Gas pipelines are built to take much higher pressures than oil pipelines so the conversion is not a high risk.

Any <looking forward to putting Alberta oil vs Algerian oil in my little Volvo> mouse

The Street : April, 2013 : April 2, 2013 : TransCanada Moves On Eastern Pipeline [04-02-13 8:40 AM]TransCanada is moving ahead with plans to bring crude oil from the oil sands to Canada's East Coast. Kristine Owram reports.
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