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After he lost the election, Trump wanted to pull American troops from everywhere:

The memo had Mr Trump’s signature, but not even the staffers whose job it was to vet all the paper that got to the desk of the president knew where it had come from.

National security leaders came to understand that Mr Trump himself was trying to conduct military policy under the radar, according to Axios.
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The "international community" seems to love 'bully''imperialistic' America's troops and security guarantees.

One of the few good things about America's Ruling Class, Nobles, and 401K crowd giving the country away to China is that hopefully China will keep rising, while America - in some ways declines or levels out.

And America just plain can't afford to have such a footprint all over the world.

But in the end, America is in fact the greatest and most powerful. And it's Ruling Class is in the picket of the military industrial complex so I suspect I won't get my wish. At very least, I do hope and think its realistic to have a more multipolar world.

From China to Russia to Iran.... I hope Europe's backyard gets much more interesting. I'm glad XI gave himself the Premiership indefinitely. I love Putin, and I hope his successor is in his mold. Iran's Ayotollahs should in fact take all the milk and honey America gives it -- but still develop nuclear weapons because time and again it has been shown - if you have nuclear weapons, Americans and its little sisters otherwise known as European allies will begrudgingly respect you - and you won't wind up hanging or dying like Saddam or Qadafi. Another slight hope is Turkey - despite its well educated populace, the likes of Erdogan seem to be nudging that country in a certain juicy direction though I don't know enough about them to know if ol' Taccip is on his own on that venture.

I have slight - very slight hopes for tomorrow's Progressive leaders in America to affect such change, but who knows - maybe to get to such positions of power they too will realize that it's Northrop Grumman and Goldman Sachs that allows them power.

Taiwan will be interesting. When China takes it - - does America use it as impetus for a major war? OR...does America merely "pass a resolution" condemning the action. I hope the latter.
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