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A $6 billion federal program created to provide fresh produce to families affected by the pandemic was mismanaged and used by the Trump administration for political gain, a new congressional report has found.

...the Farmers to Families Food Box program gave contracts to companies that had no relevant experience and often lacked necessary licenses. ...did not adequately screen contractor applications or identify red flags in bid proposals.


According to congressional investigators, Ivanka Trump was involved in getting the letter from her father added to the boxes. The USDA told contractors that including the letter was mandatory. Food bank operators told the investigators the letter concerned them because it didn’t appear to be politically neutral.


The yearlong congressional investigation also identified problems with the deliveries themselves, including food safety issues, failed deliveries and uneven food distribution. Some contractors also forced recipient organizations to accept more food than they could distribute or store.


“The Program was marred by a structure that prioritized industry over families, by contracting practices that prioritized cutting corners over competence, and by decisions that prioritized politics over the public good,” [Rep. Jim Clyburn] said.
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Trump Used Food Aid Program for Political Gain?

Where is my shocked face? Darn thing has been so overused the last 5+ years, I think it’s gone into hiding.

That’s so predictable, you might as well publish an all-bold headline: SUN RISES IN EAST!!!!!

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Nothing but corruption and incompetence from the Trump Crime Family and its cronies.
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