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Trump's "Truth Social" scam fell over, like his wall in the wind.

I'm sure he's already blamed someone for it.

Never mind the irony of Trump naming something "Truth". The ineptitude of the man is staggering.
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How many ''Muricans do you think signed up? Provided a contact email during registration? Created a username and password for the site? Installed the app on their phone?

If that number is X, you can bet there is a number damn near equal to X that were dumb enough to reuse a password from their contact email and will likely have their clear text password circulating in a file for sale on the dark web within weeks. And, their phone is now likely sharing data through add-on SDKs in the app just like the Trump 2020 campaign app.

If you give Team Trump the benefit of the doubt that he wanted a secure platform, well... We're not talking about top software development and security talent here, folks.

If instead you factor in the types willing to DEAL with Trump, the platform has probably already exceeded all of the goals of its designers. How often do you get a chance to launch a worldwide phishing / identity-stealing / location and behavioral tracking app with the imprimatur of an ex-President? Hell, they probably built it for free. It's not like they had reason to expect him to pay, right?

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