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Hey Gang,

I had a red thumb on Overstock and then saw that they had received notice as having great customer service.

Still, my gut said to me - "So what? Management is still horrifically unfocused and the products sucks. I went to the site and determined I don't need any more bed sheets and sure as heck don't want a refurbished anything." I KNEW this company was going to miss earnings today - just absolutely knew. But I got chicken, thinking "what if?" - emotion took over from logic and I just missed a 15 point score. It's not that big of a deal, but what gets to me is CAPS is a great place to ride your gut. If you're wrong, it's not real money.

Anyway, just venting, but it's a good lesson for CAPS and probably for the real market.

It's also another great victory for Peter Lynch investing. No spreadsheets, no numbers, no great math skills were required to spot this fall. Just common sense.

Fat Cash to All,


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