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I love reading Tulsi's comebacks to the whiny patriotism-baiter on Twitter.

I love watching a real feminist put on her combat boots and kicking the neo-liberal's a$$.

Can anyone here imagine this fiery young lady "standing by her man" after he is caught lying about abusing the highest office in the land to impress a young intern to have sex with him?

No, I cannot either.

Can you imagine Tulsi Gabbard allowing party operatives to sully the reputations of numerous other female accusers of her husband's sexual harassment and sexual assaults while having old line fuddy duddy "feminists" run cover and make excuses for the popular husband just so that they can have a "couple" for better optics? Hell no, Ms. Gabbard is an Army of One who would have kicked her husband and the hypocrites to the curb and gone this alone just fine. And she would have pulled more women away from the Republicans for showing righteous anger.

Tulsi Gabbard, going against the entire corrupt DNC back in 2016 hinted at her strength. Tulsi Gabbard daring to go where no other Democratic woman would ever go in giving Hillary what she deserves instead of treating her as "it's her turn" is like a warm wind melting Winter's icy jam in the river.

If you're tired of interventionist neo-liberals and neo-cons giving you Trumps, Bushs, Clintons and Bidens, and who turn their backs, repeatedly, on people in the world by dropping bombs on their citizens, well, the answer is this woman who continues to serve in the military, who knows the stupidity of allowing the MIC to dictate much of our foreign policy, and who is unafraid to give better than what corrupt politics can throw at her.

Russian plant?

That's Hillary and the DNC wetting their granny panties.

"Russian plant," is a taunt you'd expect from Trump, Steve Bannon, Rudy, Roy Cohn, etc, but not the failed wannabe Democratic President, Hillary Clinton, whose inability to understand she, Mz. Clinton, is a stone cold loser in the eyes of millions of young women who think she's an enabler of the worst kind of men.

Tulsi, you've struck a nerve here. You're exposing the Democrats own hypocrisy. Take it to 'em and give it your best shot. Don't back down. You've got millions of vets from both sides on your side.

I liked you in 2016. I love you in 2019.

Continue to speak truth to power, woman, and no one will ever blame you if Trump is re-elected because the DNC and its corrupt lapdogs run the wrong candidate again.

p.s. Another note about Hillary being a feminist by name for convenience:

Ronan Farrow Said Hillary Clinton's Lack Of Support During His Weinstein Reporting Was A "Gut Punch"
"It is an example of how power protects power."

Journalist Ronan Farrow said the lack of support from powerful progressives such as Hillary Clinton during his reporting on sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein felt like a "gut punch."

"It is an example of how power protects power," Farrow said in an appearance on BuzzFeed News' AM to DM on Tuesday to discuss his new book Catch and Kill, in which he says NBC News tried to quash his reporting on Weinstein. Farrow's story went on to win a Pulitzer Prize after it was published in the New Yorker, and helped launch the #MeToo movement and a public reckoning about sexual misconduct by powerful men.

Farrow recalled that he was due to interview former secretary of state Hillary Clinton for his last book, War on Peace: The End of Diplomacy and the Decline of American Influence (published in 2018), when word got around political circles that he was working on a story about Harvey Weinstein.

"There was an apparent effort to cancel that interview after they raised concerns about the reporting on Weinstein," Farrow said.

Weinstein was a powerful ally of Clinton's and had helped bundle and raise millions of Hollywood dollars for her.

To the virtue signaling Clintons, it's always been about the access to the Swamp, it's all about the Benjamins.

Take the fight to her, Tulsi, and show here what a real woman is like. Continue to unmask her everytime she tries to bully you.

I dare the DNC and the Democratic elites try to lay another of their defeats at Tulsi Gabbard's feet. And maybe I should hope they do. Time for a third party to shake the corrupt insiders to their foundations.
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