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I've been enjoying the posts with ideas for creative marketing, like getting rapper Nelly to wear a breath-rite strip instead of the bandaid that he wears on his cheek, or getting Martha Stewart to breath easy after her conviction. Great ideas guys!

But all kidding aside, I have been seeing short TV spots on ABC during primetime (evening news), for the breath-rite strips as a snoring remedy. This is in the Detroit market. I've seen these ads several times in the past months, and again last week. I don't watch much TV, but am pleased at the amount of exposure they are getting. Has anyone noticed this in other markets, or are they just doing a test in the Detoit market?

I ask this because I have been hearing some remarks on this board that there is a lack of marketing effort by CNS, and my observation is quite to the contrary. Are they doing a test to see how it affects sales in one region, and if profitable we can then expect more nationwide coverage?

long on CNS, and breathing rite in spite of the recent decline in stock price.
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Hi Bill -

Haven't seen the ads, but I think that samples is the way to go.

Case in Point: Jordan Dea-Mattson
He owned CNS, he knew about its products. He even had some snoring problems and wanted to breath well at night.

His wife happened to pick up some saline wash, which he uses for allergy treatment. In the box with the Breath Rite saline wash was a sample of stripes.

After having them for a month, he broke out the stripes and tried them. He noticed a difference. His wife noticed a difference. The decision was to buy more.

They then made a small sample back and passed it onto some friends wiht similar problems. Result: the same!

Figure out how to get the samples to folks. It is one of those products if you try and it works, you aren't going back.


Who is long on CNS through two transactions.
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I have actually seen the commercials as well. They are not exactly stellar commercials but some marketing nonetheless.
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I'm guessing by your name that you are in the Michigan market also (Go Blue!). And I agree that the commercials are not really anything to write home about, but as you say, at least it is something.

Thanks for sharing your testimonial. And I like the marketing approach of free samples; sounds a whole lot more effective than the TV ads, and no doubt cheaper too!

So to answer my question about TV ads in other parts of the country, maybe I need a poll. See next post.

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Not exactly a TV commercial but has the "Breathe Right Nasal Strips, Small/Medium, Clear - 30 ea" for $9.99 on their Friday Sale today. Good to see the positive user feedback and ave. customer review of 4 1/2 stars.

I wonder how they choose items to be on the friday sale? Did they buy too many and want to liquidate their stock or are Nasal Strips such a great seller they wanted to feature them? Maybe just random? There certainly is quite a selction of stuff there ranging from:

"Astroglide Personal Lubricant, Sensual Strawberry, 5 Ounces" - $9.99
"Milwaukee 6521-21 Heavy Duty 11 Amp Orbital Action Super Sawzall" - $175.74

Personally I think I'd go with the Sawzall.

link to Nasal Strips:

link to friday sale p2:
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