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In checking out UCOMA (which is an interesting stock I might also add) I've noticed a lot of insider sales which makes me a bit suspicious. Also a lot of excercise and sales. These sales appear to be a lot more than would be expected in a hot company with a hot future. I've checked this out on Yahoo! and can't seem to find any better information on the insiders holdings as well as reasons for selling.

I can always assume that they are locking in some profit but would there be another reason?? An thoughts.

Still on the trail.

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No. of Recommendations: 1 suspiscions here..perfectly normal to a rat.........folks gotta buy new toys...rat
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>>>folks gotta buy new toys...<<<<

and, there is that difference between cash flow and wealth. Many execs are heavily compensated with options, concentrating many eggs in one basket (paycheck, retirement, wealth.....). IMHO and experience Rat is right. most insider selling is no need to worry. Of insiders I know selling/sold 30-days forward or back, reasons are:

1. Toys like new house before rates go higher
2. Diversification
3. Divorce settlement (5 persons)
4. Junior's 1st yr college expenses (tution, housing, laptop & docking station, car, etc.)
5. Pay mother's entrance fee into long-term Alzheimer's care facility
6. short-term options (use or lose)
7. daughter's hugely expensive wedding for 800 persons

The cash flow has to come from somewhere.....and maybe selling company stock is a better choice for tax or other reasons than selling portfolio holdings like BRCM, JDSU, CSCO, NPNT, ELON, TQNT, SCNI, UCOMA, ABOV, ARMHY, etc.
P.S. It sure costs a lot to send a kid to a good school these days!
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