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This is a reasonably fun game with very good odds - similar to craps - if you learn the strategy at Wizard of Odds website. Basically, there are 3 rounds of possible betting but you can only 'raise' one time.

It's just you vs the dealer. You can raise 4x your ante preflop, or 2x on the flop, and 1x on the river. So one decision based on your hand.
If you haven't raised by the river, you either have to bet or fold, you cannot check your initial bets all the way through. You see the board as normal.

Probably takes a whole 5 mins to learn the strategy if you've played poker. It's that easy.

If you calculate the House Edge as 'risk,' it comes to -0.58% for this game. This is explained at the Wizard of odds site. Also there's a video he put together, definitely amateurish, of how it works.

Anyway, I'd played this once before, forgotten how and re-learned it again since I hit the casino on Sunday night. Obviously not real poker, but this casino doesn't have actual poker tables and sometimes you need a break from craps.

As usual, all 'bonus' bets are sucker bets. 3.5% vig.
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You're better off online. Find a few small ponds to shark out.
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Follow-up, look for the recreational player websites. These are typically poker rooms for European and American punters with a bankroll after weekend sporting events.

Another place to look are Asian poker rooms for China, Malayasia, Japan etc. You'll need to translate this website. Looks like these guys were playing advantage of Rec players in Europe. I imagine the same could be done at a big name poker room in games with small blinds:

(Obviously not possible in a cash game that could pay your rent:)
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