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Hi fellow fools

(I've posted this on a few boards, as I'm trying to get the word out)

A good friend of mine, Justin Case, owns a small, independent personal training gym in Fairfax Virginia called Underground Athlete. He recently received a phone call from the in-house counsel at Under Armour who threatened him with a lawsuit. Apparently, they have a problem with his logo and his use of the initials "U" and "A."

Now, Justin has trademarked "UA Underground Athlete" and has the right to use his logo as he has been using for years. I highly doubt Under Armour has ever lost any money over Justin's logo which looks nothing like Under Armour's, and I don't think anyone has EVER confused one with the other.

I think Under Armour is being a bully here; they want him to give up his lawfully obtained trademark under threat of lawsuit. I don't think Under Armour has a case (but hey I'm no lawyer), but Justin can easily be buried by the legal fees that would be required to defend his ownership of his trademark. He's already talking about re-branding and giving up. That's his prerogative but I think it's outrageous that a company like Under Armour thinks they can just bully whoever they want for whatever reason.

Under Armour seems to be making a big deal lately about how they "support our heroes" with their ads and and partnering with Wounded Warrior, but apparently they see no problem in driving a veteran-owned gym to the ground over an entitlement to 2 letters of the alphabet.

Justin is a former Marine who has served our country honorably. He has dreamed of owning a gym since he was young and he has worked very hard for many years to get to where he is now. That means living well below his means to save up for his business, working 75+ hours a week for the last 5 years to build up his clientele, being frugal with his money, etc..

He doesn't deserve this. I would really appreciate it if people supported him by signing this petition. It would only take a minute -->

Here is the link to his website:
You can see for yourself that his trademark looks nothing like Under Armour's.

And here's the link to the US Patent search site if you are so inclined to verify for yourself that he is the owner of his trademark
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I do have mixed feelings about this. UA has a right and need to protect their image, lest it get diluted, however, visiting its website show it is not much like the UA company logo. Where do you draw the line? How long has this gym been opened? If relatively recently, it may be harder to fight.
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