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I was laid off on November 15, 2011 and immediately completed the rollover/distribution form to rollover funds from my company 401(k) plan to my Fidelity IRA. I sent a follow-up email to the HR guy mid-December since the transfer had not yet occurred; I rec'd no response. We are now approaching two months and still no deposit to my Fidelity account.

How long does the company have to make the transfer? I can see the company sitting on this for a long time if they can. So frustrating!! I wanted to get some info on this before sending HR another email requesting information on the transfer.

Thank you,
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There really is no time frame - except that once you have a distributable event, the plan fiduciaries have an obligation to abide by the terms of the plan, and process the transaction. Are you subject to recall? If so, you may not actually have a distributable event (and event giving rise to the right to take a distribution).

Assuming you have a distributable event, then I'd follow up one more time with your employer and/or the plan's recordkeeper. Many of the bigger players in the industry will process the request without employer intervention. Also, contact Fidelity - they are usually rather helpful in helping you get money to them (but less helpful in getting money from them!). If all else fails, call the Department of Labor. Info can be found at
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