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Over the last week or two, there has been an unusual level of activity with the GTR1 backtester, which is causing the backtester's partition of the hard drive on the server to fill up more frequently than it normally does. It's usually rare for the partition to fill up before my nightly update clears the cache files, but lately it's been filling up by early evening, long before the nightly update. You can tell that a backtester error is disk space-related if the error message mentions anything about failure to create or write to a file. There are also situations where the backtest will simply abort with no message at all. (Everything the backtester reports to standard output is selectively read from a detailed log file that it writes to, so if it can't write to the log file...)

I therefore recommend getting your backtesting done as early as possible to beat whatever abnormal activity is going on. As of right now, the cache directories are empty, so have at it!

Robbie Geary
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Sounds pretty curious. Can you trace the activity to an IP address?
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