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Among the bigger deals on tap, teeth-straightening startup SmileDirectClub Inc. said early Tuesday that it is aiming to raise up to $1.29 billion in its IPO by selling 58.5 million shares priced at $19 to $22 a pop. The Nashville-based company will use the proceeds of the deal to pay bonuses, redeem LLC units from pre-IPO investors and to fund a dividend to those investors, with the rest to be spent on general corporate purposes, according to the company’s prospectus. The company is planning to list on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol “SDC.”

SmileDirect’s model involves shipping clear aligners directly to customers, whose progress is then monitored remotely by licensed dentists or orthodontists. Customers either go to a so-called SmileShop and get a free 3-D image taken of their teeth or buy a kit online to make an impression of their teeth to mail to SmileDirectClub. A dental professional then reviews the information and prescribes aligners if appropriate.

That deal is expected to land next week, which may put it ahead of the IPO of WeWork’s parent, The We Co. WE, +0.00%, which will be at least a billion dollars, according to its last filing with the SEC. That sum is likely a placeholder until the company sets terms. The office-space-sharing company is planning to list three classes of stock that carry different voting rights, ensuring that co-Founder and Chief Executive Adam Neumann will control most of the voting power once the deal is closed.

Among the risk factors for that company are its long-term lease commitments of nearly $50 billion and the fact it is still posting significant losses.

Note: I'm wondering if SDC is the reason ALGN has been looking anemic this year?


Peloton Interactive Inc. PTON, +0.00%, the provider of interactive exercise machines and fitness classes, has said it aims to raise at least $500 million in its IPO. The company sells exercise bikes and treadmills and streams fitness classes to those devices through a touch screen included with the machines. It commands a premium price of thousands of dollars for its fitness bikes and $40 a month for a subscription to its classes, over 40% more than it costs to produce both the hardware and content.

Peloton has more than half a billion dollars in losses since it was formed in 2012, although revenue has doubled to more than $900 million in its fiscal year to end June.


Meanwhile, Endeavor Group Holdings Inc. is expected to pursue its planned IPO sometime in the fall, according to Smith. That deal was pushed back after Wanda Sports Group Co.’s WSG, -6.30% July IPO flopped, with the stock down 34% from its issue price.

Endeavor combines a talent agency with the world’s biggest mixed-martial-arts organization, UFC, and a range of other assets. The company is planning to list on the New York Stock Exchange, under the ticker symbol “EDR.” The company has long-term debt of $4.6 billion and total liabilities of $7 billion, according to its prospectus.

“Wanda Sports is its closest peer with a similar business model of owning sports events and media rights,” Smith said. “Endeavor is a challenge for some people. It is a complicated business and highly leveraged.”


Separately, Cloudflare, a cloud-based network platform that promises security, enhanced performance of business-critical applications, and “eliminating the cost and complexity of managing individual network hardware,” said it plans to offer 35 million shares priced at $10 to $12 each, raising $420 million at the top of that range.

The company is planning to list on the NYSE, under the ticker symbol “NET.”

Rounding out the coming parade of IPOs are 10x Genomics, IGM Biosciences, and Satsuma Pharmaceuticals Inc.


10x Genomics said it plans to offer 9 million shares priced at $31 to $35 each, raising $315 million at the top of that range. The life science technology company is planning to list on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol “TXG.” IGM Biosciences IGMS, +0.00% is planning to offer 7.8 million shares in its IPO, priced at $15 to $17 each. The company would raise $132.6 million at the top of that range. IGM is planning to list on Nasdaq, under the ticker symbol “IGMS.” Satsuma STSA, +0.00%, which specializes in migraine treatments, said it will offer 5 million shares in its IPO priced at $14 to $16 each, raising up to $80 million. The San Francisco-based startup is planning to list on Nasdaq, under the ticker symbol “STSA.”
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Interested in DDOG also...should be a post on it a week or so back on this board.
Alex Clayton at Medium did a nice write-up on their S-1.

Looks to be in that APM space, but more akin to MDB and ESTC in that it is a ground-up/devops sales motion. Growth very solid.

I was sort of interested in NET, but like with FSLY, I have since determined (right or wrong) that the CDN plays are essentially infrastructure, and I am just not a fan of investing there anymore. (VMware, NTNX, Cisco, Arista, PSTG, etc etc)

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Once a week, I'll bump this thread so that we can keep these names in mind.

Thanks for that DDOG reminder.

I've got one file folder of the biggest and best IPOs from this year. Unfortunately, stockcharts doesn't allow us to type in symbols from S-1s as placeholders that turn into charts once they IPO.

So, once a week, I'll revisit this heading to see what's happening with these IPOS.

I'm slowly amassing a glossary of my own for all these terms you use here.

Could you explain these terms?


OTT (from another post a few days ago I forgot to ask you about)

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BTC - for most of the world, this means Bitcoin. On WAFTT, this can also mean Better Than Cash aka a stock that is not hyper-growth/exciting, but which we feel will perform over a certain period of time cash would.

Orange = current POTUS
POTUS = the president

OCD - refers typically to obsessive compulsive disorder, and while not seen on WAFTT too much lately, it is an old staple of OG TMF posters to reply to a post with a spelling/grammar correction and simply say "OCD" as the reasoning of why we wasted bandwidth to do so.

"I concur" - while not an acronym, another old favorite of mine that allows for a 2-word/7-letter lazy response to an in-depth post by someone else that basically imparts the gist of "yeah...I was thinking everything they just said."

TOWMBO - formerly from legendary OG poster joelsenior, who loves pro wrestling and COBOL, gave birth to this acronym as a way of describing his then-wife; The One Who Must Be Obeyed or TOWMBO.

TMFer = someone that works at - wait for it - The Motley Fool. So they usually have "TMF" in front of their username.

Lurker - shy folks comprising 98% of the views on this board. They may be gentle creatures or evil way to really know. I usually imagine them in a chair or desk in a dark corner of a room, sipping soda thru a straw in a can, leaning slightly to the side when they read posts, to further reduce the odds that they go unnoticed. While they don't wear foil on their heads, they do tend to put black tape over their laptop webcams to avoid the dark web hackers. Probably fans of Curse of Oak Island, like me.

I am sure I am missing other common board references. Others can chime in with other acronym decoders.


ps...hth = hope this helps.
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I’ll have a go at two of the terms.

CDN – Content Delivery Network e.g. Cloudflare and Fastly

OTT stands for over-the-top, initially named in reference to devices that go “over” a cable box to give the user access to TV content. In OTT channels, content is delivered via an internet connection rather than through a traditional cable/broadcast provider.
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