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a) I am tired.

b) Not a lot to report about CameraNerd. For a bit they were thinking they might spring him from this joint, but he didn't do well yesterday - had more headaches that were more severe so they are looking at everything again and have stopped talking about possible discharge dates.

c) I hate being at my house with no CameraNerd there. It sucks a$$.

d) I'm tired of trying to work while this crap is going on.

e) But at the same time, I'm glad I have something to do. Which, of course, makes me feel terribly guilty.

f) I got all motivated to drive the extra 10-15 minutes over to the closest Thai restaurant the other night and THEY WERE CLOSED. Dammit. I may just have to have T and imp bring me some Tasty Thai this weekend.

g) I don't know how people do this for weeks/months on end.

h) I'm tired. (did I already say that?)

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