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sorry...didn't mean to leave you guys hangin'

It's been a busy few weeks..

I'd say it might be calming down now, but I don't want to jinx myself. :P

Funeral was a whirlwind. I don't know why they were in such a rush. My third brother was really upset and angry that they had it in the middle of the week and he couldn't attend. (self-employed and had commitments that he couldn't break)

My mother put us all through a number of hoops just so she could end up not going to the funeral. That's a sitcom episode in itself, that I wont go into right now. (or maybe it's a melodrama)

We got home on thursday evening and the furnace wasn't working, so spent the next 2 -3 days getting that straightened out. (Turned out the suction tube in the tank became disconnected, and although we had fuel it wasn't sucking anything out. a real PITA problem. (PAIN IN THE A) for those who don't know the acronym.

My second brother came back with us. Spent the entire next week or so staring at his computer watching the stocks go up and down. Then proceeded to go crazy on the last day trying to get things done on his house he owns up here. He called his drug addict gf 3-5 times a day on my dad's cell phone and went over his usage limit, so now dad's cell phone bill is going to be twice what it normally is.

Not to mention the fact that he borrowed money from my mom to send to his gf, and borrowed money from my dad to send to his gf... and my sister paid for his flight back... and gave him money for the hotel in rochester. (Because mom insisted on staying another day, although she didn't even bother to go see my sister in law or my neices or attend the funeral.)

took dad to have another endoscopy done. It was scheduled for 10:30, they finally got him in at like 12::30 we didn't leave the hospital till after 2pm. So yesterday was shot.

Tuesday was nice. My sister picked me up and we went to see a dog I'm considering adopting. She still needs to be fixed and have a vet check up, and they have to check me out. :P (how stupid is that?) After that we went to the local outlet mall and bought a few things. We went to the Reebok store and they were having a sale. buy 1 get 1 50% off, or buy 2 and get 1 free. My sister picked up 2 pairs of sneakers, and I got a free pair. :)

Spent most of the morning looking for a form for day to get and exemption on his taxes that he had filled out and misplaced. Ended up finding a form online and printing out a new one for him to fill out.

then I swept the kitchen floor and the stairs. (which never gets done)
and here I am.

Mom's still whining at me about her Sallie Mae account. Like I can do anything. I put her in touch with the Ombudsman to get her some help, but for some reason she insists I need to be there when she calls.

So she's downstairs righting a novel to read to the ombudsman. I told her just to call and find out what he wants to know first. But..what do I know.

Oh..did I tell you that when the furnace went out, the water filter on the freezer froze and cracked and I had to order a new part to fix it? Just got the part today. I guess that's tomorrows project.

The way I figure it, if I get one thing done a day it's progress. No matter how small it is.

What the future holds I don't know. I really would like to move, but I can't see any feasible way of doing it. I have no money, no income, and a few debts that still need to be paid off. My parents are driving me crazy, and despite dad's protestations, he really needs to be thinking about a place where someone can take care of him. I can't take care of him because he doesn't listen to me. And mother is just out of touch with reality. She wants everyone to fix her problems but refuses to let them do anything. You tell her what she needs to do and she doesn't do it, and then it's your fault for no helping her. She's just nuts...and she's making me nuts.

I was online a few days after I heard about my brother and a thought came into my head: I just lost the only person in my immediate family that I actually liked. The only one who was relatively sane.

I don't know what I'm gonna do now. Just muddle through I guess.

okay, I'm off. I have to write an email to the kennel to find out about my future dog. :)

Lady I
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