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It's been a while since I made an update.

Loan May 2018 Jul. 2017
Student Loan (6.41%) $15,209 $16,879
Car Loan (4.45%) 0 6,642
$15,209 $23,521
======= =======

I paid off my car loan recently by cashing in some investments that I had hoped would be able to compound for one or two more decades. I didn't want to do it, but my life situation had changed, and I felt I had little choice. I'm not at liberty to discuss that life situation.

Also, my mortgage has decreased $3,450 since my last update.

Still plugging away, I suppose, although sometimes I wonder if I'll ever make it. My income has fallen, so I'm not able to snowball the car payment into the school loan as I had planned.
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Hi Jamesbrown

GOOD FOR YOU! you are moving forward.

Sometimes it feels like slogging through molasses or sand.

I know this from experience. Back in 2000 I was 'released' due to no budget for my position... it was TOUGH, mentally and financially! but, it got WAY better in 2001 :-)

Keep going. You can do it. I trust it will get way better for you, too. :-)

Each month, you might review your budget and ask yourself if there is ANY amount that you can put toward the school loan?

Or, if it makes you feel better, start rebuilding the emergency fund/investing nest egg? You know, drip small amounts that you can afford, into it, just like you would DRIP into a DRIP account? This progress that you can verify, might make you feel better about yourself, your financial future, and just life in general?

Those are just suggestions. Sometimes, it's better to just hunker down and be static for a while. :-)

anyway, again, GOOD FOR YOU! Keep going :-)
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