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The bad news is his neuropathy is no better (yet). But other news is good! On a low-carb diet, he has more energy, he's losing weight, and his blood sugar is way down. ~100 most mornings, ~110 before most meals, ~125 an hour after most meals. He only needs insulin when he over-indulges in a carby meal/snack. So most days, metformin is all.

Now that he's experienced these results, he's pretty psyched. He no longer asks for fried chicken or graham crackers. I do buy him one or 2 subs/week (on whole wheat roll--and one sandwich suffices for 2 lunches).

His breakfasts are usually 2 eggs & 2 bacon or 2 eggs, a litle ham & cheese; lunches are salad or 1/2 sub + small salad; dinner is cooked meat/chicken/shrimp and 1-2 cups cooked vegetable(s). 2-3 snacks/day consisting of 5 strawberries or equivalent amount of other fruit, or 1/2 cup cashews or pistachios (the only nuts he likes). I only bring over 1/2 cup nuts/day, so no opportunity to pig out.

I have him seeing his doctor more frequently (who seems to approve of wha I'm doing) and on a regular schedule with a podiatrist. I asked for a neurology consult, but it isn't scheduled yet.

I have him taking the following supplements (comments welcome on this and anything)--he's 65:

fish oil
multivite/mineral alternating days with methylated B-complex
vitamin D3
vitamin C w/bioflavonoids
magnesium glycinate
alpha lipoic acid (supposedly good for neuropathy)
curcumin (good for circulation--a natural blood thinner)
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Fantastic news! I'm not a big fan of supplements and my doctor is pretty agnostic, though he did put me on a B12 supplement to see if it makes any difference in my skin, which feels numb sometimes. I haven't thought about it but I do feel better. My beef with supplements is that the industry is unregulated and there are no standards or verification measures to ensure that they do what they say they'll do or even have in them what they claim is in them.

Who would stick with the larger commercial manufacturers for the best chance at reliability...

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further update on bro--

I took him for labs this week, and his A1c was 5.8! He's never been anywhere near this good before, and I know he's been over 11 before.
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