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1) Work is fantastic. I am self-paced studying my way through some of the Microsoft classes, and after finishing Networking in June, I will sign up for the more advanced Microsoft classes in the fall. I need to take enough classes to justify the expense of a blanket approval for training for me next year, too, so I really need to kick butt on this.

2) It's Corporate Challenge season, and it's exposed some Six Degrees of Separation weirdness going on. My company and the company Little Sis and BIL work for are in the same Division. BIL placed third in the pool tournament, and a guy that works for my company placed first. The oddness? They play pool TOGETHER every Monday night. You know, on the league that I watch Nephew for while BIL goes to play? Have for years. Keep in mind, Former Receptionist (who is now in purchasing) used to work at the bar where BIL and Old Dude That Plays Pool played pool, and knew of them both before coming to work here. It's like the company I work for is invading every area of my life. I keep wondering if the white noise of the network room is actually hiding a subliminal “you love it here, drink the Kool-aid” message.

3) But the good news is I have managed to do one event and show up as Official Picture Taker And Child Minder to a few others. It's worked out well – all us young parents are chipping in to watch kids while the others are playing, so there has been no last minute HOLY CARP HOW CAN I PLAY moments like there have been in years past.

4) My car is still going. This makes me happy.

5) Mom loves her truck nuts.

6) Dad thinks Mom's truck nuts are the funniest damn thing ever, and is trying to figure out how to rig a pair to the car he drives without them scraping the ground.

7) The Most Adorable Niece In The World is starting to fatten up, and she loves her Aunt impolite, oh yes she does! Oh yes she does, pretty wittle baby wuvs her auntie. I took a few hours this past weekend to just hold her.

8) Little Sis looks like she's never even had a baby in her belly, 4 weeks post partum. Dammitall.

9) Q is doing good at t-ball, in that hilarious way that only little boys can do. He slides into every base. Keep in mind there is little to no chance he will actually get tagged out, as even when someone catches a ball, they forget where to throw it, but he slides in nonetheless. Also, he made a spectacular diving/sliding catch this last weekend, then stood up and gave a thumbs up. Forgetting to throw the ball. SNORT.

10) Her Bootiness is great, though she seems to have hit a small stumbling block on her way to Potty Trained. She was dry all day with a diaper at night only, but due to some scheduling changes (DN has been pretending to want the kids 50% of the time again….except when he has to work….or is running late….or whatever….), she's regressed to mostly wet, even when I take her to the potty every 3.5 seconds. She's just past 2 years old, so I'm not stressing it, just a little upset that the poor girl is stressed out enough for it to affect her.

11) My Dad got his official 30 years in at GM, and is now trying to decide when and where to retire. I hope it's soon, in a place they'll enjoy, and that they spend every last freakin' dime they have saved before it would ever come to me. Dad said this shouldn't be a problem, with the plans Mom seems to have for it. ;)

12) My grandfather is aging fast. Dad went down during a lay off in April, and said the man is frail. He (grandfather) is going to attempt a visit North this summer, so see all of us and get out of the heat a little, and I hope he can make it.

13) I have a ton of stuff to do, and true to form, I am unable to do them without there actually being a deadline on them. So I need to schedule the following: two tests (so I'll study better), a party (so I'll clean the damn basement already and touch up the paint on the living room ceiling where my height and the long paint roller extension didn't mix well), and a trip to Texas to visit (so I can schedule the time off work and get everyone rounded up). Now I just need to set a deadline for scheduling everything. ;)

14) I just had an extremely satisfying snack of trail mix and Dr. Pepper.

15) I am really considering trying some of the new 7-up. I think it's the commercials getting to my head.

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