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I still have a fair bit of pain and the ankle is a bit swollen and kinda started spontaneously dripping blood yesterday <egad>. It's hurting worse lately, so I saw the NP this morning. She put me back on antibiotics and will discuss having the metal "centipede" removed with my orthopedist.

Excited about getting rid of pain and limping, but not pleased to be undergoing another surgery on a swollen area and recuperation again so soon. Of course, this recupe will be much easier and shorter and not involve a cast! The bones look completely closed on today's x-rays :-D so that's good. And apparently I'm getting enough protein and exercise that my calf muscle is growing back--not as big as th right side yet, but not obviously smaller either.
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I recc'd the positive parts of your post but am sorry to hear about the current state of your leg. If there is no way to avoid surgery will dear hubby be okay by himself? I thought you had previously posted that things were getting a bit more trying.
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I'll ask more questions if the doc actually proposes surgery, but I doubt it will be a lengthy procedure or that I'll be kept overnight. The NP said I could walk right after.

AS it happens, DD just called while walking to pick DGD up from second grade (school's on short hours in NYC this year). DD offered to come help us out, although it's a burden because NYS requires her to quarantine for 14 days after being in SC (she works full time from home so that part isn't a problem, but her husband is a scientist who works long hours so she does most of the shopping, cooking, kid wrangling, planning activities, etc--not to mention that they live in a small city apartment so there really is no such thing as quarantining from other household members). Even though covid is low in my town, it's rampant mid- and upstate, and the law's the law.

Anyhow, I had the fun of overhearing DGD's conversation with school chum Hugo about the software they played with in school today :-) All I got was "Hi, Nana!" She was starting to talk about her art project, when Hugo walked up. DGD is off-the-chart friendly and loves being back in school in person.
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