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No. of Recommendations: 3 when last we left our hero, he was hanging from a thread over a bubbling pool of fire breathing dragons with very sharp teeth.

well...something like that anyway..

Things seemed to be going well for a while. Made it through Xmas without to awful much hassle. We didn't celebrate, and my dad went off to my Brother and SIL house for the day. My sister, being the Jehovah's witness now, I think did laundry or something. Dad left me a present. A large box of Fanny Farmer chocolate. (he does this every year.) Thanks dad for the extra 20 lbs. I tried not to eat them...but....well... THEY WERE STARING AT ME DAMMIT!

Made it through January fairly well. Managed to get myself a new credit card to transfer my 25% loan to. My sister spent most of her winter break driving my mother to physical therapy. My neice spent ALL of it watching TV. She brought another dog over from her decrepit house. Finally got rid of all but 1 of the 7 kittens she had. "Velcro" seems to have stuck around. (funny that) So the total is up to 4 cats (2 less than 1 year old), 4 dogs, One guinea pig, One gumpy old man, One self-centered sister, and One hyper sensitive self centered "wait on me hand and foot" post teenager. (age 19 going on 2) And then there's me. With my bottle of Zoloft in hand. **YOU"LL NEVER GET THEM BACK...YOU"LL HAVE TO PRY THEM FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS!!**

Speaking of meds: I tried again to apply for free meds from Pfizer and they first sent me a request for a letter from my dr., then they sent me a letter saying they needed another signature, although they had copies of all the originals. Then they told my dr's office, they wouldn't accept me because I didn't wait 6 months to apply again. (which is what they said last time.) The nurse at my dr's office talked to them on the phone, and they have told her if I apply in April again, they will accept me, because it will have been 6 months since the previous application. (october?) Anyway...thankfully the dr has plenty of samples for me.

I'm been really flaky lately. I seem to be walking around in a fog. I've been very dyslexic. Which I do, when I get over tired. I keep forgetting to take my meds on time. (grr...that reminds me..I forgot again tonight.) &BRB& Okay...another pill downed. ..where was I.. oh yeah..flaky.. My therapist said last week that it was probably stress. **GEE... what have _I_ got to be stressed about??**

The roof BTW is still leaking. Even after my brother (Chicken George as I like to call him) fixed it. The bathroom walls are peeling away, as the water runs down inside them. The ceiling is playing like Chicken Little's sky...and is attempting to fall. *I won't even go into the mold and mildew issues* (lets just say Mr. Clean would turn and run.)

Every morning, My sister gets up at 5:30ish, and then my neice gets up and puts on her big shoes and clumps up and down the stairs getting read to go to class. (college believe it or not) They slam bang out the door by about 7am. The front door slamming and shaking the whole house, is guaranteed to make sure I wake up. I've been trying to get up at 7am, so I don't have to rush to get to work, and forget to eat breakfast and have time to feed the cats, and put the dogs out (again) and deal with the dirty dishes in the kitchen, and the wet towels on the floor in the bathroom, and my neices shoes all over to trip on, and all the lights that my sister left on when she left the house. Make sure the coffee pot is turned off. (I don't drink coffee btw)

I was trying to get up and work out in the mornings, but I just done't seem to have the energy. Can't get my lazy a** out of bed. Although, the weather finally getting a bit warmer is helping. BUT... I've been having wierd dreams, and I guess I"m having night sweats, cause I wake up soaking wet, and then start to freeze, and then wake up clammy. I thought maybe I had the waterbed turned up too high, but have turned it down and I still am having the same problem. I had to change all the bed linens this past week because the cat messed on my bed. (not really his fault, my dad was asked to let them out of my room, because I was late for work, and didn't have time to chase them around the room trying to get them out the door. I came home at 6 or so, had dinner, then came up to my room to find them still there. Silly me for believeing dad might actually do what I asked him to do, and he agreed to do.)

Hmm... I guess I will cut this off there. I could go on for another hour or so on "MOTHER" issues, but I'll save that for another post. (btw Chicken George moved out, and so my mother is living all alone, with no car, and no help to pay her rent and such. It was _HIS_ idea to move in originally to help her out. BUT I guess since he's cleaned out her bank account, there's no more reason to stay.) OH...yeah...that's another long one.

Well I"ll let you all digest this and try to get to bed early tonight. I was dead tired at work this morning; Even though I took the day off yesterday, because I wasn't feeling well. Spent most of the day in bed, on the computer mostly. But...still didn't get any rest. Stupid phone kept ringing, and my dad is too deaf to hear it, or too stubborn to pick it up.

Blah blah I go on. I just have to keep reminding myself theres someone out there who is worse off than me. ** life is rosy, my life is rosy, my life is rosy... OUCH! damn those thorns!!**

Lady I, whose path in life seems to be through the devils pass full of crabapple trees!

Would you believe my therapists thinks I'm coping really well??!? (I guess I am, compared to how I've dealt with things in the past)

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