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I am a US Auntie with an Aussie niece & nephew. I want to set up educational/stock accounts for them but am unsure of how to go about this...would it be better to set up US accounts, or do it through an Australian account? Anyone who has ideas about the best way to go about this?
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I can't tell you which way to go, but I would think it would be easier for you to do it in in the US. Would you know which stocks to buy in Australia? There is a lot less info online. Here's a start at how it goes in the USA:

It says they will want to know the social security number of the child, so I don't know if you can do it for "alien" kids.

good luck,

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The golden rule here is to go with what you know with, and what you feel comfortable with. I suggest looking at ways of doing the investment for your relatives in the US.

This then introduces another problem of somehow bringing hopefully a large sum of money into Australia at a later date, and this is something about which I have no idea. (Fools ?)

Perhaps include an introduction to The Motley Fool along with the money, and your niece and nephew may just appreciate the money not being in Australia, but instead being invested in the US for 2000-2020.

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