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I decided to give USAA a try. I have heard many good things about
USAA, and I like the fact that I would be dealing with a bank based in
my home state (they are based in San Antonio, Texas).

Here is a summary of my experiences with USAA so far:

11/28/2001  Submitted online application
11/30/2001  Accounts were opened
12/06/2001  Received Check Card in the mail
12/10/2001  Received Bonus Savings checks in the mail
            10 checks, many deposit slips
12/11/2001  Received Signature Cards for checking and savings
            and account disclosures
12/12/2001  Used c2it to send $50.00 opening deposit
12/13/2001  Mailed Signature Cards, etc.
12/14/2001  Received checks for the Four Star Checking account
12/14/2001  USAA received the $50.00 from c2it

The deposit from c2it took only 2 days to get to USAA. I added the
$50.00 to my c2it account from a debit card on 12/12/2001 - the funds
were available immediately. I then transferred the funds from my c2it
account to my USAA account. On 12/14/2001, USAA had the funds. c2it
seems to be much quicker than Yahoo Funds Transfer, although I have
been told the c2it time frame is the same as if I had used USAA's own
ACH service.

I am impressed with what I have seen so far.
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No. of Recommendations: 1
Not only is the immediate availability of funds at USAA great with their ACH on demand, but wait until you need their customer service for something. They are responsive, very pleasant to deal with and I have never spoke to a rep who was not knowledgeable about their products, services and problem solving capabilities. Also, they don't tryand sell you other products every chance they get.

The one problem I had was a payment that did not make it to a creditor because their PO Box had changed. USAA tracked down the creditor, told them that they sent the payment, stopped payment on the check (w/o cost to me) and overnighted a new payment to them. Of course, they got the late payment charge waived.

They were just spectacular. All I had to do was make one call and they did everything else, promptly reporting back to me, calling three times until they got me at home.

At first I was hesitant to pay the $4.95/month for bill pay--but you get what you pay for.

A very satisfied USAA customer.
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When you say "immediate availability" of funds through the ACH system, what do you mean?

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