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Thanks for starting this thread..I expect to learn a lot.

As far as a 'best tip': if you belong to a lodge or club and haven't been using that service, evaluate the value of it. Then either use or cancel your membership.

Another: think about using a Church of your choice (and if you don't have a choice, fine - I don't need any flames!) and examine the services they offer: I enjoy the free music lessons and the potluck socials.

Just thinking about using what we already have, or belong to, helps stretch our entertainment budget a great deal.

We also look for interesting high school/community college productions of music, art, and sports. A good {generally inexpensive} way to support the community.
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A good rule of thumb is to not just look at the cost of something but also at the value returned by that something.

Who notes that all that is expensive is not quality and all that is inexpensive is not cheap...
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