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Good morning-
I will be on vacation for 3+ weeks.


are my current picks.
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Rily is an intriguing one that I’ve seen on several lists and Louis navallier always seems to be pushing it on his website which i sometimes check for stock grading and to see whatever he’s long in.. I’ve never bought any but seems like a decent business. I’ve owned a small amount of nvidia in the past and I like the business.. even if it is a bit pricy.. if I had more money to invest I wouldn’t mind owning some.

My biggest winner as of late is OPY they are an investment banker / service broker which I have been sitting on for probably well over a month with little fanfare.. finally popped the past few days.. on an earnings beat, and I’m up 20% at my lowest entry point closer to 10% at my higher entry point. I think it could be a good long term investment.. 4.4 PE and a modest .9% div.

Cown is another one I’m optimistic for.. they are in the financial industry too i think they are similar to OPY. Almost 100% owned by institutions.. hasn’t really taken off yet although it seems to be flirting that way.. 5.5 PE and a 1% div. I’ve seen it recommended through various platforms such as zacks (had a zacks #1 Best Buy and top growth scores, or Maybe it was value..)
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