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10 value suggestions by Daniel Schonberger. I like his style of focusing on free cash flow yields for consumer staples and health care and assuming achievable growth rates.

I think WBA and ABBV are good picks though I feel CVS and MCK are better picks and don’t have pipeline risks of pharmas like GILD and AMGN.

Also need to investigate Henkel further as US competitors like PG and CLX are very expensive.

Its harder to predict whether the social media behemoths can continue their growth with governments world over gunning for them.

Your thoughts on these picks are welcome, esp. counter arguments.
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No. of Recommendations: 2
Is BABA 2001 Microsoft 2001? Microsoft as an organization grew its revenue, profit, instituted dividend, bought back shares, etc between 2001 to 2012 but its share price didn't go anywhere due to anti-trust concerns (of course Steve Ballmer didn't help much.

Will Chinese government allow BABA to flourish? probably, will BABA's vie structure be ever resolved and clear ownership established, I doubt it.

If BABA's ownership can be resolved, I would be happy to take this position much higher than current 1% allocation. As long as it is VIE, your economic interest is subject to the mood of Chinese government.
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