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I have read many of the postings/articles on variable annuities and wonder if my wife and I are one of the few that an annuity would make a good addition to our retirement plan. We are both are in low 40's in age, gross income est. 125K, 401K contributions maxed for her, ROTH IRA's maxed for both, military retirement for one(both in 1 yr), two rental properties, and a tax bill out the wazoo. We currently have a healthy mutual fund portfolio(6 figures) to include a double digit non-qulaified v. annuity(WRL). Our CFA is now pushing a WRL Variable Universlal Life policy with all the tax free/deferred/favored bells and whistles. To get this wonder of modern day investing, the CFA wants us to to slowly drain two of my current funds over five years and deposit into the WRL funds also being managed by the same managers as my two current funds.
My wife is trying to hold back the CFA like Custer at Little Big Horn while I try to gather information to either ask her to surrender or stand back to back with her. Food, water, and ammo running low. >>
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To learn more about Annuity go to this site start at

#405 date: 1/9/00

There is a whole list (Pros and Cons)about Annuity.

However, this is only their opinions but very useful

information and other documented enclosed.

Does this help?

Good Luck and Fool-on
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