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Variations on the short throw projection replacement for a television (less space and quieter than existing)

Okay -- so, instead of having a flatscreen TV, people are going to clear a blank space on their wall, or put up a screen to dedicate to their Pico projector? Really? I know it's cool that the PicoP *can* project on odd surface and maintain focus -- but does anyone really want to watch TV that way? ANd yes, it's going to be quioeter -- since you won't be able to hear much audio, unless you're connected to external hardware, in which case, why isn't there a TV to begin with?

Heads Up Displays for cars (less space, quieter, lower power, and easier to install and adjust - possibly also inside motorcycle helmets)

Okay, I can buy this one.

Interactive table and counter displays for restaurants and kitchens (particularly useful for messy environments)

There are lots of airport restaurants using tablets for menus. Especially as materials get lighter and the tablets thinner, I cannot fathom how having a menu projected into a tabletop would be a plus, especially since it would require largely blank, light surfaces, and many of these sorts of places have very bright light in the room.

Interactive conventional displays (responding to mid-air hand gestures)

This does sound interesting. I recall the demo videos 7 or 8 years ago.

Game controller (displays a portion of a virtual world wherever the controller is pointed - requires low light)

Require low light and clear surfaces to project upon. Are we really envisioning people painting a room white, or does the 'game gun' come with an Eddie Bauer tent you put up in your backyard to play the game? I can't see this being a consumer hit.

Embedded cellphone/e-reader (typically as a supplemental display)

What, in case your cellphone/-reader stops displaying as its supposed to?

Package sorting (evidently the UPS application is for displaying warehouse routing information in the shipping centers rather than on the trucks)

Okay, I guess. Not a huge consumer application.




It's not that this isn't marvelous technology, and I do think it might find some successful applications -- but when you write things like The technology can’t replace all of the existing solutions, but even a small slice of such a large market can create a very profitable company. it sounds as though you are imagining that Pico projectors can in some small but meaningful way compete with or supplant the dominant screen markets: media consumption, mobile screens, advertising displays.

It would be more accurate to say that the Pico projector won't replace *any* of the existing solutions, but might find some interesting niche applications in unusual situations. For instance, I think projecting images -- perhaps decorative in nature -- on curved surfaces in say a museum setting or in very small display cases might be genuinely useful -- but this is a tiny, tiny special application.

When MVIS was hitting its highs, the iPad did not exist, and people envisioned using Pico projectors for all sorts of mobile viewing scenarios. Remember how the CEO touted the Show WX as "curing squinting disease"? Well, Apple cured it with the ipad and Samsung led the way on larger phone screens, so *poof* there goes that major use-case. The other big use was supposed to be for small presentations in business settings -- well, iPad takes care of groups of 2-3 people, and the ability to 'throw' media from a phone, tablet, or laptop onto a hi-def flatscreen or robust projection system makes that idea pretty laughable too.

The gestural stuff remains interesting -- but interesting because it would potentially be a whole new category of uses. If that ever gets out of the demo phase I might take some interest.

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