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I bought this stock based on an off-handed reference in a Fool article about a year ago. It has turned out to be one of my best performing stocks. Is anyone out there looking at the fact that EMC holds 87% of this company and they (EMC) are still buying up stock every month even when it has a P/E ratio of 125? I am asking for someone to give me a reason to sell.

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Apparently by the silence, no one has a reason to sell VMW. I also started a position with a synthetic long and it has grown to be my largest stock holding. I, like you, am wondering if I let my "winner" ride. I haven't seen any significant information to make me think the growth will slow. My company actually uses Citrix, but all the IT guys tell me to hold my VMWare. Hopefully, any bears on VMW would give us some reasons to dim our enthusiasm.
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