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We all see what the current crop of "conservatives" in power want do to. Nothing good. Oppose anything the other side wants, regardless of whether it is good or not, but only because it is from the other side. We can't get hardly anything done while we are so divided.

They line up and try their hardest to prevent almost anything a dem president wants to do. There is no spirit of cooperation.

Their leader is a fraud. He cheats. That is what he does. That is what he is. Liar. Cheater. Fraud.
And he is the Leader of the Republican Party.

They CHOSE him.
They still CHOOSE him.

Vote Them Out. All of them.
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Agree with ya Nigel. But I see no solution at this point. We have to claw our way back, but red states are captured it looks like.
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Red States weren't captured when Bill Clinton ran.

And some Trump counties, and Trump states - voted Obama not that long ago.

Funny part is - it's so darn easy for Democrats to win a true governing majority.

But out of touch, extreme corporate Club 401K liberals - like many here - prevent it from happening.

BTW - the incumbent party in all 3 houses - Dem.
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Trump tried to bully a state official into “finding” more Trump votes in a desperate attempt to remain in power.

Some on the Trump inner circle were paving the way for a military style seizure of voting machines.

Forged documents were presented in multiple states in Trump’s favor. They all looked very similar…

Trump MiniMe Ron DeSantis proposed his state needed election police.

Every American should be outraged. Why aren’t Republicans???
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