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IPO in July
Umbrella company for VR and AR use cases.
Under $100m mkt cap
Prelim numbers suggest 65% growth and 200% software growth off tiny base.

I took a starter position.

QReal, a Glimpse Subsidiary Company, Develops Augmented Reality Lenses for Snap Inc.NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 4, 2021 / QReal (https://www.

Fiscal Year 2021 Revenues of At Least $3.25 Million; Representing Year over Year Organic Growth of Over 65%; Software & Services Growth of Over 200% NEW YORK, ...

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About Glimpse
Glimpse Group is probably the first publicly traded pure-play AR/VR software company. It is comprised of 9 different subsidiaries that create VR/AR solutions for use cases such as education, healthcare, financial services, advertising, etc. Each of these subsidiaries offer a software platform that can be purchased either as a SaaS subscription, software license, or white label solution.

While each subsidiary is run by a separate team, the management of each subsidiary is not only familiar with its own products but also familiar with the products offered by other subsidiaries. Thus, these subsidiaries all work together to cross-market their products and grow the overall business of Glimpse Group. Each employee owns equity in VRAR and an economic interest in their own subsidiary.
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Most recent preso from Aug 2021:

Blog / archives - basically use cases and ideas
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