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I'm not sure what you all were going to suggest to help with my question but hehehe...found the answer myself. *****Hang on to paycheck stubs.***** Seems when husband's company started doing their own payroll, they tranposed two numbers. Added up all those checkstub amounts (three times) and the total does NOT match the W2 statement amount for Fed. income tax withheld. Will get a corrected W2 and our Fed. refund! Whew, sure am glad...I'm the one that refigured our W4 Withholding allowances in Jan. of 2000 and told Dear Husband that we Would get a modest refund at year-end. Hoping you all get a refund,
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Hoping you all get a refund,

I, for one, hope not to get a refund. If I do, it means I've been lending money to my spendthrift Uncle when it could have beeen working for me instead!

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