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...this i a great idea for a board, why is it so quiet?

I do note that there is a Renewable energy board and I'm sure several others, but this such a great area I'm surprised more people aren't posting.

Here is my first USFool post, which was on the Renewable Energy BB.

I have recently been invited by BankerNoMore to come and join in on the discussion over here... thankyou BNM.

Over on theFool UK, I have requested the board Tomorrow's hotTomato, which has been in full swing for about a month. Here's a link to one of our UK Fools asking 'What has happened to America?' []

There is no small amount of concern at Bush reneging on the Kyoto Protocol as amongst other things, you guys allegedly contritbute about one quarter of the world's greenhouse gases. Itis an interesting debate when you consider that much of the leading sustainable and green technology is developed in the good ole USofA.

But generally the board is about tomorrow's world, what it might look like and what can we do now to ensure we can maintain ever increasing standards of living.

I shall take some time to have a read through some of the posts here and look forward to seeing some of you over on the UK boards.

Links to any similar boards welcome.


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Thanks very much for joining us hotTomato. We had a head of steam about 1 1/2 years ago, but it's since died out. I personally am still very passionate about the subject, and would love to rekindle something here. I will pop over to your board as well.

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