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I think Herschel Walker as a Senate Candidate is ridiculous, but then I thought Donald Trump as a candidate was ridiculous, too. I don't think Walker is a charismatic liar and sociopath, though, so he probably can't make it in the GOP today.

Ha ha as I say not as I do.
Walker’s wife voted in Georgia as couple lives in Texas, records show
Walker has called for prosecutions of voter fraud, even though there’s no evidence of rampant abuse. And he’s promoted other false claims of voting irregularities by former President Donald Trump, who has encouraged him to enter the race. “Play by the rules.....the American people demand ONLY LEGAL BALLOTS be counted. Anyone manipulating this election should be prosecuted,” Walker wrote on Twitter in November.
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I voted twice for Biden, one of those was in a key swing state but the margin of victory was more than

All this 'where you live' stuff, just inconvenient jargon stuff.
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Average Republicans have undisguised contempt for the rule of law.

Laws are for little people. Of all the things I hate about Republicans, this is the worst.
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